On My Way Back

After my first dose of medication on Tuesday night, I woke up early yesterday feeling a bit better. I was hungry, but I wasn’t craving anything so I had some (unpictured) brown rice with butter. It took me about an hour to get down and for a while, I didn’t think it would stay down. Eeek!

A few hours later I was craving a pancake so I went with it even though it wasn’t meal time. Gina’s protein pancake recipe is the best – fact! I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that my protein powder smells like cake mix and the outside of the pancake got all crispy. I topped it with some almond butter and syrup.

I wasn’t hungry for lunch, but knew I should eat before facing the drs again so I made 2 scrambled eggs with cheese in coconut oil and some broccoli. It was super tasty!

I was hungry around 3pm (a sure sign that I’m on my way back to normal) so I had some cashews and an apple. The cashews were salted and I really don’t love salt, but it was a good snack.

Dinner consisted of Smoky Burgers with Pineapple Teryaki (from Practical Paleo) and brussel sprouts with onion, tomatoes, and balsamic. I had zero interest in the meat portion of dinner but was so excited for the brussel sprouts. Unfortunately, the brussels weren’t great so thankfully the burger was awesome!

I did get out of the house so I at least moved a bit more, but obviously no formal exercise.