The new tag-line with goal setting is that all goals should be SMART.  Isn’t goal-setting smart as it is?  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.  These may not be perfect, but I think these goals fit that criteria!

Blog Goals

– Post my eats and my workouts.  This is a way for me to see my habits, literally, and continue with the positive things and make changes where I can.

– Stay honest with myself.  No sneaking a few almond butter covered dates and not owning up to it.

– This is not a life diary.  I’m going to keep my personal life just that, personal.

– Post when I can, but don’t stress about it.  My priorities are my job, my health, personal relationships, and wedding planning. Blogging is meant to enhance my health, not create a challenge with anything else.

Health Goals 

– Follow an 80/20 (I’d prefer 90/10 if possible) Paleo diet.  That means avoiding starches, dairy, sugar, and legumes.  Include fats in each meal to keep me full.  Along this line, I’d also like to follow a more accurate pyramid than I did with the recent Paleo challenge.


There are several versions of this pyramid out there, but this is the one my Crossfit Box recommended.  I need to realize that fruits/nuts are a relatively small part of the pyramid and limit my intake of these items.

– Learn to say no to sweets. This will be a work in progress and to me, is actually different from the previous goal.  I will be honest and say that I love nothing more than a spoonful of icing.  And by a spoonful, I mean I really love 8 spoonfuls.  I’ve been known to eat things like marshmallows and candy corn until they make my sick to my stomach, yet I have a hard time saying no.  If someone gives me a sweet, I eat it.  I did a really nice job during the Paleo Challenge of saying No and didn’t miss the sugar.  I’ve said before that life happens and there are times when desserts should be enjoyed (like my upcoming cake tasting), but it doesn’t need to happen at random times.  I will survive!

– Learn to do a muscle up (I need to do this before April 27th).

– Get my consecutive kipping pull ups back – they’ve been on the fritz lately.  Continue to improve my strength with strict pull ups and focus on a more effective kip.

– Continue RX-ing WOD’s.

– Crossfit 4-5 days a week.

– Start running again.  I’m reserving specific mileage goals for now, because my running will be very dependent on the local weather.  If it’s above 40 and not raining, I should be outside running.  If it’s above 50 and raining, I should be outside running.  I’d like to eventually get in a mile or two before work and I know I will once we get closer to spring.

– Continue 10 minutes of movement as soon as I wake up for work.  I wake up super early as it is, but I can fit in 10 minutes of cardio, stretching, ab work – anything!

– This may be the most challenging, but I’d like to get some sort of movement 7 days a week.  Even on my rest day, I’d like to get in at least a 30 minute walk.  I tend to be a lazy slug on my off days, but would have quicker recovery if my body continued to move.  Refer to the temperature rules above.

– You may notice that I don’t have any goals regarding my weight or measurements because I think these can often be too stressful since they don’t happen overnight.  I believe that if I focus on good habits, these things will fall in place.

Reflection is a crucial part of success for me, so I may refer back to these goals weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, but they will definitely make an appearance again!


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