(Semi) Normal !!

Back to work meant back to a semi-normal routine, at least food-wise. The only positive thing about the flu is that I lost about 5 noticeable pounds. We’ll see of they stay off.

My only focus yesterday morning was getting up and having energy to get ready so there was no a.m. workout movement.

Breakfast was amazing! Gina’s protein pancake topped with blueberry sauce (microwave 1/4c blueberries for 1 min = blueberry sauce) and almond butter. Amazingly delicious. I would serve this to guests!  It also kept me full until 11am!

Snacked on an apple and lunch was leftover brussels sprouts and a smoky pineapple teriyaki burger.

Afternoon snack was a larabar. I’m definitely in the market for some new bar flavors. Cherry pie and apple pie are all I eat, but I don’t want to switch to any flavor that is too much like dessert. So many of the bars are trying to mimic desserts (chocolate chip, cookie dough, etc) and I think it’s best for me to stay away from that.

I drank half a Vita Coco with pineapple on my way home on top of the 2L of water if already had during the day. Hydration success!

Dinner was an easy one: chipotle! I know pork is the grass-fed option, but I’ve had pork the last few times so I changed it up and went with chicken on lettuce with peppers, tomatoes, and guac. Yum!

My after dinner sweet tooth returned so I had a few sips of the Chocolate Zico which did the trick.


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