Challenge Accepted

Yesterday was my first real day feeling better and I was psyched that it was Friday!

AM Movement
I did a few minutes of foam rolling for my calves – not sure why they are so sore.

I may be stuck on PB&J breakfasts! Oatmeal Minus the Oats with blueberry juice and almond butter – filling and delicious! If you haven’t noticed, I have an apple everyday. How pretty! Lunch was a combo of leftovers: venison sausage and peppers (only about 1/2 c), a spiced turkey burger, and some mixed greens with a few almond slivers topped with Tessemae’s Italian dressing. Afternoon snack was another staple: Cherry larabar.

The most exciting part of my day was finally getting in a something that counts as a workout.

Tone It Up posted a #tiubride challenge to get 2 miles a day until the wedding date so I’m going to add that to my goals list, sorta. I’d like to get a total of 14 miles per week through waking, running, or rowing. I’ll keep track on each post. I won’t make it this week with just 3 days, but definitely next week!

Walked 2.30 miles in 41:40.

Lessons learned:
1) 43′ is still pretty cold to walk. Bundle up!
2) It takes 36 mins to walk 2 miles.
3) Books on tape are a good idea only if its a good book.

I made one of my favorite dinners, Paleo Pad Thai. [Tina] ( shared the recipe from the book Well Fed and its such a good substitute for thai takeout!

Since it was Friday and I’d had a rough week, I treated myself to a glass of
Chocolate Zico, two dates, and an early bedtime.


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