Reflecting & Goal-setting

I am pretty happy with my food choices last week.  Even when I was sick, I kept it pretty healthy.  I even managed to get in three workouts: 1 WOD, 2.3 miles walking, 3.0 miles running.

This week my goal will be to avoid the sweets in the evening (stick to chocolate zico) and kick it back into high gear in the gym.  I’m going to start tallying my mileage.  I’m shooting for 14 miles a week (walking, running, or rowing) and would like to rack up 220 miles by the time I say I Do.  I’m not sure the weather will cooperate this week for a lot of mileage, but I may try to get in 2 on Tuesday if it isn’t raining.  We have a healthy meal plan written up and our grocery shopping done so that’ll help to keep the food on track.

Here are my planned workouts for the week:

AM Workouts:

Bikini Abs

Tabata cardio & planks

2 miles (Tue?)

Foam Rolling or Bikini Arms

Long & Lean


PM Workouts: 

Mon: WOD

Tue: WOD

Weds: WOD (The Open starts!!)

Thurs: Run

Fri: WOD

Sat: WOD

I’m considering moving back to 4 days of crossfit to give myself more energy at each workout, but I may see how this week goes first.


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