Counting my Miles

I woke up yesterday ready to get started on my AM workouts. I did the Bikini Abs DVD which was a little longer than I remembered. I managed to do 14 minutes of the video before I had to start getting ready. A lot of the moves were easier than I remembered (hopefully that means my core is stronger than it used to be) and I started to break a sweat!

Breakfast was the same as yesterday and just as delicious – 1 egg, 3 egg white omelet with kale, tomatoes, and goat cheese. I was pretty hungry for my morning snack, an apple, and ate it around 10:30.

We had some leftovers to use up so I had some balsamic brussel sprouts and one final serving of Paleo Pad Thai which was loaded with chicken! You know what’s good on brussel sprouts? Goat cheese 🙂

I are my snack on my way to Crossfit. I got a few new bars this week (not all of them paleo) and the first one tasted a lot like Larabar’s cashew cookie.

I couldn’t wait to add something to my mileage totals so when I got to crossfit 10 minutes early, I took advantage and ran 1/2 mile. We rowed 200m for our warm up taking me to .625 miles.

Our WOD was tough for me today because I feel like I’ve lost strength after the flu last week. I surprised myself by finishing 6 full rounds + 5 push presses in the 12 min AMRAP. The push presses were the worst and I need to work on my SDHP form. I also bombed on the double
Under ladder (5-10-15-20-25-20-15-10-5). I never even made it to 5 in a row. I need to get the rhythm that everyone talks about.

When class was finished, I got home with some extra time to spare so I took advantage and ran 1.15 miles for a daily/weekly/wedding total of 1.775.

We went out to a new restaurant for dinner. I had two glasses of water and loved my dinner! I got a crab cake with Dijon brussel sprouts. I wish I had the recipe for those sprouts because they were amazing!!!

The sweet tooth kicked in at home – 2 dates and about 10 chocolate chips …. Times two. Bummer.

#Weekly14: 1.775

#220beforeIDo: 1.775


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