Count It Up: Take 1

I think my weekly reflection is going to be a list of totals. For the record, my week starts on Monday and ends Sunday night. Here goes take 1 …

Crossfit WODs: 3 + 1 specialty class

Days run/walk: 3

Miles: about 11.6

Nights with sweets: 3 (+ 3 nights with bites of ice cream). Eek – not loving this number.

Servings of nut butter: 4

Cheats a week: 4 (if I counted the ice cream bites this would be no bueno)

Muscle ups: 3

Morning workouts: solidly, 2. If I add in the half-assed morning stretching, I’d give myself a 3.


This upcoming week will be challenging because I have a lot to squeeze into the first three days and then I’ll be out of town for a few days. It makes me nervous to be out of my routine. I don’t know what food I’ll be eating or when/how I’ll be working out. I know I won’t photograph everything, but I’d like to still keep a written record of my food and fitness choices. I have purchased some healthy portable snacks for the trip which makes me feel good.

I also have to note that I was very happy with the way my body looked at my dress fitting today. My arms, shoulders, and back had great definition and didn’t look bulky at all. Keep at it 🙂

Here’s to a great week!


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