Monday Monday

I had trouble falling asleep on Sunday night with the time change and found myself planning out my am workout. At least I was productive! On Monday morning I set my countdown timer on myWOD app at 10:00 minutes and set out to do as many rounds as possible of the following: 10 lunges (5 per leg), 10 plank jacks (see below), and 10 sit-ups.



I was able to complete 10 rounds + 10 lunges. Great way to start the day 🙂

I whipped up a Sweet Breakfast Scramble for breakfast and snacked on an apple around 10:30.

Lunch was a not-so-fresh mixed greens salad with the end of my Tessemae’s Zesty Ranch dressing and a good size serving of leftover Paleo Sloppy Joe.

I had an afternoon meeting where there are always snacks! I got a few (unpictured) blackberries and raspberries (which were so amazing that I got a few more), some grapes, and 3 slices of pepperoni. All of the fruit was from Wegman’s and it was so fresh and sweet that it makes me want to change up my grocery store! I also caved and got a red life saver.

I knew we had a long WOD coming so I ate a KIND bar on my way to the box. Speaking of Crossfit, after week 1 of the Open, I’m in the top 20% in both my region and worldwide! My goal is to stay in the top 20%! Quite a few people did 13.1 for a second time to improve their time (the tie-breaker in the event there is a tie with the same number of reps …. everyone is tied with me at 150!) and I think I could have gone faster a second time because my confidence would be higher with the 75lb bar, but I didn’t. Oh well! I’m hoping for a pull-up/muscle-up workout that I can get pretty far on!

The WOD was 5 rounds of 600m run, 15 thrusters at 65lbs, and 10 chest to bar pull-ups. There was a goal cap set on the WOD at 25 minutes, but I doubted that I could make that. I started off at a good pace on the run and broke the thrusters into 2 or 3 sets. The first set of c-2-b were unbroken – yay!  Everything slowed as the WOD went on and I was struggling to come in 2nd place. I lost some time on my last round of thrusters but finished at 27:21 Rx.

I had a shake and carrots post workout because dinner wasn’t going to be for a few hours. I had planned leftovers since they would be quick and they did not disappoint! A failed attempt at mashed cauliflower that was more like rice topped with the best BBQ I’ve ever made (it’s paleo too!) and 1/4 avocado.

It was a fairly small portion and I was hungry since it was late so my snack cravings set in after dinner. I settled on 2 dates and a cup of Swiss mix.

(Edited to add)

#Weekly14: 2

#220beforeIDo: 13.615


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