My Issue With Hunger

As expected, it was raining on Tuesday morning so my hopes of getting out for a morning jog are being postponed until the weather cooperates. Instead I pulled up Tone It Up’s Sunkissed Abs video which worked the booty, love handles, and lower abs. It takes anywhere between 7-15 minutes depending on how many reps you do. I did between 12-15 reps per move for all three rounds. I really felt it in my bum!

Breakfast was a 2-egg/3-egg white omelet with broccoli, pepperoni, and a sprinkle of cheese. Coconut oil is the secret to a fluffy omelet!

I snacked on my morning apple and broke for lunch around 11:30. I had leftover barbecue, cauliflower rice, and broccoli topped with avocado. I was definitely craving something sweet, but had a piece of minty gum instead.

I was dragging during the afternoon (probably from staying up too late to watch the Bachelor Finale) and starving (probably because I was tired) so I knew I needed to get my blood flowing for some extra energy. I snacked on my Larabar and set out to do 8 laps around my building (I estimated that each lap was 1/4 mile). I’m glad I timed myself on the first one because it only took 2:20 to walk one lap (running 1/4 mile in 2:20 would be awesome) so I gauged that each lap was 1/8 mile. Instead of counting so many laps, I decided to keep a steady pace and walk 40 minutes … what I’m assuming to be 2 miles. I took my phone with me and believe it or not, kept busy with facebook, instagram, and stories on twitter. I didn’t break a sweat, but that’s ok since I still had to work more. It made me feel so good to have some movement in my day!

After my walk I had one of my favorite snacks: almonds and raisins. If you eat 2-3 raisins per every 1 almond, it’s the perfect ratio! Sadly, even after this snack I got hungry around 5:30 and had a while to wait until dinner. I always knew that I hated the feeling of being hungry (which is why major calorie cutting diets have never worked for me), but I think almost have a fear of hunger. I used to always have extra snacks around just in case I felt a twinge of hunger. I’m one of those people that gets ‘hangry’ – my mood really sours when I’m hungry and everyone around me knows it. It’s one of the most miserable feelings for me and I’m not exactly sure why. Am I alone on this?

When I got home I immediately pulled out the almonds and raisins and ate them jar to mouth style without any care for my portion size. Never a good idea. I know that I need to limit my intake of nuts because its easy to eat so many and while nuts are regarded as a good fat, they are still high in calories.

Moving on. Dinner was simple and awesome! Cubed chicken cooked in coconut oil with sautéed onion and a bag of stir fry veggies topped with a mix of tamari, peanut butter, and a shake of sesame seeds. I had a bowl full and was actually full!! Unfortunately, when I was making my lunch for the next day I had quite a few more raisins. Raisins = sugar. Sigh.

#Weekly14: 4

#220beforeIDo: 15.615


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