Travel Day

After learning was the Crossfit Open 13.2 WOD was going to be, I wanted to make sure I stretched on my off-day so that I was ready to put forth my best performance. I knew that I could do all of the movements at the given weights and the workout was only 10 minutes! Thursday morning’s ‘workout’ turned into 10 minutes of yoga and foam rolling. I was really feeling the 130lb deadlifts in my butt!

Since we were going out of town, I made a Sweet Breakfast Scramble so I could use up some pumpkin and a banana that we had. Topped w/ a large scoop of almond butter!

Am snack: apple. An apple a day keeps the dr away!

Lunch was a salad to use up some leftovers in the fridge: romaine, half chicken breast, avocado, almonds, and sauerkraut Tessemaes lemon Chesapeake.

I ate a kind bar on the way to the airport and got a Mexican salad while waiting to board. I made a rookie mistake of not asking what was in the salad and it had a bunch of cheese, but otherwise was stuffed with tomatoes, guac, and chicken.

Some other plane goodies included life savers and Blueberry Blaze trail mix.

I’m going to be mindful of my eating while away and plan to do 13.2, but I won’t be doing much posting until I’m home.

#Weekly14: 8.2

#220beforeIDo: 19.815


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