Count It Up: Take 2

As another week comes to a close, it’s time to Count it Up and see how I did!

Crossfit WODs: 4

Days run/walk: 3

Total Days worked out: 5

Miles: 8.7

Nights with sweets: 4: dates and hot chocolate, raisins, froyo, several bites of cookie dough ice cream

Servings of nut butter: 2

Cheats a week: several – even before vacation

Muscle ups: 3

Morning workouts: 3 + 1 stretching

This upcoming week I’d like to increase my weekly mileage although the weathers looks like it won’t make that easy. I would like to get at least 6 muscle-ups this week. I’d like to have more focus with my food and say no to unnecessary sweets. I made a healthy meal plan and already prepped a kale salad which will minimize the work I need to do during the week.

I hope everyone else had a good week as well!


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