Back Home

I woke up long before the sun on Sunday morning to catch our flight home. My original intent was to make Sunday a normal day in terms of my eating habits. However, the early morning airport options had other plans for me. I had packed an apple and some kale chips, but knew that wouldn’t be enough to hold me from 4am to 10am. Once we made it through security we looked for some breakfast and the only options were a Mexican restaurant and McDonalds. I really didn’t want McDonalds so I went to the Mexican stand and ordered Eggs & Chorizo and a Naked: Green Machine. The dish came with refried beans, potatoes, and two flour tortillas. Womp womp. I ate all of the eggs, one tortilla, and some of the beans and potatoes, but didn’t finish everything since it was obviously a heavy meal for the morning.

I slept on the plane and eventually drank the Naked juice. When we finally got back on land I was craving a coffee so I ordered an Americano which I had to dump after only a few sips when we got on the parking shuttle. Between the loss of my coffee, being exhausted, and the cold weather, I was definitely a little moody so I easily caved and bought two mini Laffy Taffy’s at the local gas station. I also ate my apple and had some of the kale chips. I really didn’t like the kale chips and will not buy them again.

When I got home I forced myself to go to the box because they were holding heats for people to complete 13.2. I knew I wanted a higher score, but was feeling so tired that I wasn’t sure I would do any better, but I figured I would go and cheer people on and if I felt motivated enough, I’d try round two. I had a Larabar on my way just in case I decided to work out. I am so glad that I decided to go! I watched the first heat and the energy was amazing! Everyone was cheering so loudly, especially during the last two minutes and there was so much excitement! Everyone did so well and many people beat their previous score by at least 1 round (30 reps) which is a major improvement! I immediately signed up to compete in Heat 5. I did a 1200m row to warm-up, did a few reps of each exercise, and did 2 200m sprints. When it was my turn, I was so nervous and my coaches told me to shoot for 300 …. While I seriously doubted this (my previous score was only 216) I realize that they normally are pretty aware of what my body is able to do. I need to get better at trusting my body and believing that I am capable of things. I started off fast which worried me, but I was on pace to hit 10 rounds (300 reps) for the first half of the workout. During the second half I slowed down, but still managed to finish with 275 – a HUGE improvement! I was elated and so grateful for the awesome competitors who push me to be my best!

When I got home I took some time to prep my lunch for the week while eating a can of tuna mixed with 1/4 avocado and some sauerkraut. I cooked two chicken breasts to include in a kale salad. I also cooked some chili to have for dinner which was so comforting since we were back in nearly freezing temps. I ate my chili with some leftover avocado and a salad made with kale, craisins, pistachios, and some Tessemae’s Lemon Garlic dressing.

I definitely had the ‘Sunday-Night Blues’ combined with the ‘End-of-Vacation Blues’ and I would have eaten just about anything you put in front of me. Luckily there was nothing in the house for me so I had about 4 bites of my fiance’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream and then put myself to bed.

#Weekly14: 9.2

#220beforeIDo: 20.815


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