Ditching The Dairy

Over the past few days I’ve noticed a change in my digestive system. Without giving TMI, let’s just say that things haven’t been working as nicely as they previously had. After struggling with a lifetime of digestive issues, I thought I had recently tailored my eats to support good stomach function. However, my tummy is back to where it used to be. I did some reflecting on my recent diet and I have been eating a lot of cheese. I don’t drink cows milk and don’t miss yogurt, but I do love cheese. Sadly, I think that the increased amount of dairy might be the culprit of my tummy issues. I think I just said last week that ‘dairy doesn’t affect me negatively’ – I may have been wrong. I’m going to commit to two weeks without dairy (including bites of ice cream) and see if I see a change. Fingers crossed!

My right shoulder is noticeable bothering me and with 150 wall balls in my future, I used the morning to do some mobility work. I used a belt to do pass throughs and around the worlds and foam rolled my upper back.

I made a batch of Oatmeal Minus the Oats for breakfast and put it in an almost empty jar of almond butter. I love that because it’s a portable dish that I don’t have to wash! Am snack: apple. Lunch: a giant kale salad with tuna, raisins, and avocado topped with Tessemaes lemon garlic dressing.

I changed it up on my afternoon snack and enjoyed a Peanut Butter Cookie larabar. Crazy, I know, but I think it actually helped me to avoid a bag of candy after work. Celebrate the little things! I had a mtg after work so I was hungry on my way home but knew I wanted to exercise so I opened the 100 calorie pack of almonds from the other day which was a perfect snack! I got in a quick minute of planking and took a walk to the Whole Foods and back for a total of 3.3 miles in 52 minutes. When I walked a few weeks ago it took me 43 minutes to walk 2 miles.   Maybe I was still feeling sick then, but I can definitely cover 2 walking miles in a half hour. I ate a few celery sticks with almond butter while dinner was finishing up.

Dinner had been cooking in the crockpot and was amazing! I mixed a chopped onion and a variety of spices with 1.5 lb pork and let it cook all day. I added a can of fire roasted tomatoes about an hour before eating to warm them. We were out of sweet potatoes so I ate my pork with 1/3c quinoa and 1c kale topped with Tessemaes Italian dressing. I was immediately craving dessert dinner so I are 1 spoonful almond butter with syrup and raisins while making a cup of cinnamon tea and put 1 tsp cocoa powder in it. Craving satisfied!

#Weekly14: 8.71

#220beforeIDo: 29.525


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