Cravings Out Of Control

Tuesday was not an ideal day. It started off with some light stretching for about three minutes, which really doesn’t count for much. Breakfast was a winner though! I scrambled one egg and three egg whites and mixed it with one venison sausage link and one cup of broccoli. I added one spoonful of jalapeño jam because I love that stuff. I was full until lunchtime and didn’t need a morning snack! Amazing!! However, I know it’s time to eat when I can’t turn down a sweet – some jelly bellys found their way into my hand. Unfortunately, after that I didn’t stop thinking about candy all day.

I wasn’t going to crossfit yesterday so I ate my apple with lunch.  Lunch consisted of last nights leftovers – venison piccadillo over cauliflower rice. After work I had a larabar and later some almonds and raisins.

I had really wanted to get in a few miles when I got home, but my busy day meant it was 730 and raining before I even got home so I skipped it. I was still craving candy, but I don’t keep junk in the house (because I have no willpower) so I went for the best option: almond butter. I could barely pull myself away from the jar to make dinner. When I did, it turned out so good that it might be my new favorite. I love seafood, especially salmon, but never really knew how to cook it. Thanks to Giada, it came out perfectly. I topped the salmon with her mustard glaze and pan roasted brussels sprouts in the same sauce. So good!

After dinner, my thoughts of candy came back and I probably should have just gone to get what I wanted to satisfy my craving, but I didn’t. So instead, I ate spoonful after spoonful of almond butter with a chocolate glaze that was hidden back in a cabinet.

I really love sweets and the winter weather had made me mostly forget about Easter and all of its candy, but now that its only a few days away I can’t wait to have peeps and Starburst jelly beans. I don’t normally let myself indulge in candy so when a special holiday rolls around with special candy, I go for it. Normally I take one day, maybe two and enjoy the candy before giving it away. Hopefully I can wait until our family celebration this Saturday for any more indulgences so they will be even more enjoyable.

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