The Breakfast Experiment!

I have had a lot of trouble getting up in the morning. I literally groaned when my alarm went off, but walked downstairs for 10 minutes of movement, but I didn’t move. I thought about it and tried, but had zero energy. Finally, I convinced myself that I’d be more awake if I got my heart rate up so I did some jumping jacks, squats, and plank jacks. I really need to get back in the habit of getting that extra 10 minutes in the morning.

Today’s breakfast was similar to yesterdays: 1 egg + 3 egg whites scrambled with 1c broccoli, 1 small baked chicken breast, and a few grape tomatoes. I added some Tessemae’s Lemon Chesapeake for flavoring. Mind you, the amount of food was huge, but the calories weren’t terrible. In the end, I was full until lunchtime rolled around. I like being able to skip the morning snack, but need to come up with some more options, other than meat and eggs, to avoid boredom.   I really like the sweet breakfast options that resemble more traditional breakfast foods like pancakes, oatmeal minus the oats, etc, but I’m not sure they keep me as full for as long. I sense some experimentation in the future!

The lunchtime sweets hit again – jelly beans! I had about 12 and then went to reheat Mondays leftovers: Venison Picadillo over Cauliflower Rice.

I ate the Larabar after work and was going to eat the apple topped with almond butter, but ended up eating the apple while driving and just having a spoonful of almond butter instead.  I definitely had enough energy for our two-part WOD and some extra skill work at the end.  On one of my first Crossfit classes we did a WOD like this (21-15-9 Burpee O-T-B Jumps and KB Swings) and it was my first Rx WOD with the 16kg KB and I finished that in 7:09 with stepping on/over the box.  I was excited to see how my time would change (while still adding in the runs), and was pleasantly surprirsed with the movements.  I tried to make my KB ‘swing’ less of a swing and more like a snatch.  I think my movement was actually a combination of both, but it definitely made it a bit easier.  The runs were really hard because I felt out of breath on each one, but I finished in 10:42.  I’m hoping the actual WOD was faster than it was in October, but I was able to easily  jump on the box each time.  After class I worked on some pull-ups and Wall Balls with a 20lb ball aiming for a 9ft target.  Another great class 🙂

Dinner was quick and easy – I threw together this broccoli slaw and marinated some pork chops in Sesame Ginger dressing.  I seared the chops in a pan for 3 min per side first and then baked them (in the frying pan) at 350 for 12 minutes.  I ate everything all mixed together.  (I was so excited to eat that I realized I had forgotten a photo so this is actually a picture of the leftovers.)  My sweet tooth hit again,but I heated one spoonful of Chocolate Sauce and topped it with 4 strawberries.  The picture looks like a lot, but it was eaten on a saucer plate and was a perfect snack!

#Weekly14: 1.625

#220beforeIDo: 34.04



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