Falling Short

I really fell short of meeting my goals on Thursday. I’m going to evaluate my day in a pro-con-pro style and then move on.

Pro: I made a great breakfast of leftover pulled pork, scrambled eggs, and steamed kale – I promise it’s all under the kale. So good!

Con: By 7am I had already eaten a plastic egg full of starburst jelly beans that a coworker brought me. They came back and refilled my egg around 10am and I downed those right away. Around 11:30 I went looking for more and I was given an entire bag. I tried to give most of them away but ate at least half before my day was over.

Pro: I tried to eat my lunch, leftover pork chop over broccoli slaw, in hopes that it would stop any cravings by making me full. It was even better the second day!

Con: By 2:30 I had a major sugar crash and was exhausted – almost falling asleep at my desk exhausted … with a headache. It didn’t feel good. I wish I could remember that feeling before I overindulge.

Pro: I skipped my afternoon snacks since I wasn’t really hungry for them.

Pro: I got in some major movement today! I started with 9 minutes of ‘kitchen cardio’ – a different move every minute to get my heart rate going. I laced up for a pm run and went 2.25 mi to the gym. I worked on 13.4 skills: toes to bar and 95# clean and jerk. Then I headed back home – I ran 2 miles and walked the last few tenths. That’s my longest run in a while and it felt good! One mile was apparently at 8:00 min/mi???? I also spent 45 minutes at dance class this evening. I didn’t sweat and it didn’t really raise my heart rate but it was better than my usual evening of sitting on the couch. Plus – it takes a lot of shoulder muscles to hold your arms in that frame!

Pro: I had Panera’s power Mediterranean Chicken Salad off the hidden menu for dinner. It was my first time and I liked the eggs and bacon in it. I was bummed it didn’t come with an apple but was super happy when they cashier gave me one for free when I asked to purchase the side. I ate it with some almond butter.   I’m not positive, but I think it’s in a smaller bowl then their other full salads.

Con: I was hungry when I finally got home at 9:30. I waited it out for a bit, but it didn’t go away so I realized it was real hunger. I ate about 1/2c leftover broccoli slaw and a larabar (good) with chocolate liquor sauce. That chocolate has made too many appearances lately so I threw it away. I hate that I have to do that with food.

Pro: I bought a new app today and I’m obsessed! Map My Run is amazing and I can’t believe I just got it. I have a GPS watch from about 3 years ago and one of my major complaints is that it doesn’t have an on/off switch. It was fine when I would run daily, but now that I run sporadically, it’s never charged when I need it. The Map My Run app was free and immediately synced with my location whereas the GPS watches can take up to 5 minutes to connect to a satellite. I had my phone on my arm so I couldn’t see my pace or mileage, but I was pleasantly surprised when a nice voice said “9:13, 1 mile, pace 9:12” and continued to update me with the overall time, mileage, and lap time for each mile. I ran along main streets so I could verify the mileage later and it was pretty accurate on the run to the gym (2.27 miles), but was probably a little high on the way home (2.6 miles) – Note: I did turn it off before I reached the gym so the way home should have been a bit higher, but probably not that much. I’m going to rely on their mileage counts unless I know otherwise.

I was really disappointed with my binge on sweets today, but like I said, I’m going to realize it, think about how I can improve, and move forward.

#Weekly14: 6.275

#220beforeIDo: 38.69


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