Good Ideas

Running with friends is always a good idea. I was far more motivated and ran a little extra than I had intended to just because the conversation was good. After a good morning sweat, I’ve been straying away from eggs to avoid boredom. I broke out my Tone It Up Plan and made their protein pancakes. I also came up with an idea for the best pancake toppings to date: walnuts, strawberries, butter, chocolate progenex, almond butter. It was gone way too quickly!

After running some errands I made a large salad. It contained tomatoes, raisins, mixed nuts, canned chicken mixed with avocado, celery, and Tessemaes.

I felt very snacky in the afternoon, but tried my best to make healthy choices. My first snack was an apple and a KIND bar. I tried a new flavor, dark chocolate sea salt, and highly recommend it. Good idea! Later I made some ‘ants on a log’ – celery topped with almond bitter and raisins.

I made a recipe for Thai Chicken Curry from Men’s Health and had a small glass of red wine while cooking. The recipe had good flavor, but it was a bit watery. The night ended with a Like It size of Coldstone mixed with caramel and a peanut butter cup.

#Weekly14: 15.875

#220beforeIDo: 63.565


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