Monday Morning Drink

I went back to work on Monday which meant back to the regular schedule. I knew I would have trouble sleeping the night before, so I didn’t set my alarm early enough for a run … 5:30am is early enough, but I did do some core work when I woke up. I have heard many people say that a strong core helps you in every exercise and I think mine needs some work. I completed a total of 3 minutes of forearm planks and also did a 2 min AMRAP of sit ups and completed 43 sit-ups.

Breakfast wasn’t any special (eggs, peppers, ham, and pesto), but I tried something new with my breakfast that I saw on a fellow Tone It Up girls twitter: hot water with lemon, ginger, and cinnamon. I drank it on my way to work like coffee. It tasted good, but the ground spices didn’t dissolve. Instead, they all settled at the bottom so I couldn’t quite finish the drink, but I did enjoy it! Each ingredient offers a number of health benefits, especially for people suffering with pain and inflammation. These are a few of the health benefits that were most important to me –

Benefits of Ginger: Improves absorption of nutrients, strengthens immunity, improved blood flow

Benefits of Cinnamon: Regulates blood sugar, improves brain function and memory

Benefits of Lemon: Aids the digestive system, restores the body’s pH balance

I was hungry a little earlier than usual, but waited as long as possible to eat my salad. The salad mix contained spinach, tuna, raisins, cucumber, strawberries, walnuts, and Tessemae’s Lemon Garlic dressing. I was full, but didn’t feel satisfied after eating so I made a cup of Lipton Superfruit Green Tea.

After lunch, I had a major success! My coworker who gave me all the jelly beans before Easter came back with a handful of Starburst jelly beans and I was able to turn them down not only the first time, but the second time when he insisted I take them.  Pre-WOD snacks: apple with almond butter and a Cherry Larabar.

Now that the Crossfit Open has ended, our box is getting back to our normal schedule.  We normally have our more challenging workouts on Monday, but every day is a surprise!  Some workouts are a surprise (especially if they are really challenging) and some weeks are just tough!  We had good workouts the past few weeks, but I felt like things were a little easier so people could be sure to perform their best on each Open WOD.

We jumped right back into our usual routine with a hero WOD yesterday, Mr. Joshua.

Mr Joshua

For time, 5 rounds

400m run
30 GHD Sit-Ups
15 Deadlift (185# for women)

Hero WOD’s are meant to be hard.  They are named after a fallen soldier and the intent is to challenge  yourself in honor of someone who gave their life for our country.  I have to say that I’m a little disappointed with my performance, for this exact reason.  My deadlift 1RM was 155# and although we had tested it a while ago, I was hesitant to get even close to 185# for 75 reps.  Sometime in the past few weeks we had done two sets of 3o deadlifts at bodyweight (130# for me) and I had to break both sets into smaller rep schemes so I figured 135# would be challenging, but something where I wouldn’t have to take off weight in the middle.   I also decided not to do the GHD sit-ups because when I go down to the floor, a large amount makes my stomach turn so I opted for AbMat sit-ups since they still work the core.   I did choose to run the slightly longer loop so it was a little closer to 500m for each run.  I was able to do the first set of 15 DL’s unbroken, but figured it would get hard in the later rounds.  However, I was able to do all 5 sets unbroken which says I didn’t use enough weight.  I finished in 22:04.  I immediately realized that my previous 1RM was no longer accurate, I decided to take the time to find a new max.  I’m not sure I actually found the max, but I was able to lift #195 for a new PR.

My coaches reminded me that we had 2 weeks until the big competition – – holy moly, I feel so unprepared!  I had a post-WOD shake (1 scoop vanilla Progenex and water) while dinner was prepped.  I was so pleased with our meal!  The weather was amazing so obviously we had to kick off grilling season and use our new propane tank!  We marinated some chicken in Lawry’s Sesame-Ginger sauce and I got a great idea to cook sweet potatoes in tin foil on the grill.   I cut 1/2 onion and cubed a sweet potato and mixed it with some garlic, cinnamon, cayenne, salt, and pepper, and then topped it with two small squares of butter.  I wrapped everything up in foil and on to the grill it went!  After about 15 minutes per side, things were ready.  I also steamed some green beans.

I was craving dessert, but we didn’t have any junk in the house (thank goodness) so I settled for a small handful of raisins and then went to finish some work.

#Weekly14: 1.875

#220beforeIDo: 70.11


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