The Time I Accidentally Ate Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

The title sounds funny, but it’s true!

The weather has been gorgeous around here so I knew that it would be nice enough to go for an early morning stroll before work on Tuesday. I went to bed super early so I also knew I would get enough rest if I woke up an extra 20 minutes early. I put on a long sleeve shirt and yoga pants and walked a mile in 15 minutes. There is hardly anyone moving at 5 a.m. so even the slightest noise scares the you-know-what out of me! There was a guy running in sweat pants and no shirt with his dog … that was interesting! I was hoping that a breakfast craving would come, but nothing really sounded great so I went for my trusty resource guide: instagram. I searched #paleo and saw a bowl looking like porridge with a white cream on top which somehow appealed to me and when I clicked on it, it actually had a recipe. I included the original image in the photo posted by user: minsunnemat.


3T almond flour
1.5 scoops protein powder (I used chocolate Progenex)
1 egg, 1t baking powder
1T melted coconut oil or butter
a few dashes of cinnamon
almond milk

Whisk everything together and add enough almond milk so that you have a good batter consistency. That should have been my cue. It looked like brownie batter. The next directions were to microwave for 2 minutes. Voila! The ‘batter’ became spongy and puffed up like a cake. Somehow, I was still thinking it would be more like a pancake than anything. I topped it with almond butter and some halved grapes. As I ate it, I realized, it was cake. I ate cake for breakfast. I need to read more carefully next time I use instagram.

This breakfast flop would make a great dessert when I really want something after dinner, but don’t want to spend any money or eat junk food. The recipe could be cut in half for a small after dinner snack.  Luckily, this cake kept me full through lunch.

Speaking of lunch: leftover grilled chicken and broccoli with a side of almonds and raisins. I also had some tea after lunch again. I think I may be adding tea to my afternoon routine.

My afternoon snacks were a Larabar and an apple … so predictable!  I have been so pleased with the apples from the farmers market!  They are so crisp and sweet!

I got home around 6:30 and I was hungry, but wanted to get in some form of exercise.  I knew that once I got started, my hunger would subside so I planned on doing a 2 mile run.  Nothing crazy, but something.  Plus, we were enjoying temperatures in the mid-80’s so I HAD to enjoy that!  Running in shorts and a tank top is long overdue 🙂  Despite the great weather, my run felt awful.  My back was stiff from deadlifts on Monday and my legs felt like lead.  I was hoping that I would loosen up a bit, but I stayed at a pretty slow pace.  I ran 2 miles in 19:24 minutes and walked the last .5 home.

My fiance made dinner: blue cheese turkey burgers topped with bacon and a side of with mixed veggies.  I also had a kale salad.  So amazing!  I snacked on a handful of grapes after dinner.

#Weekly14: 5.415

#220beforeIDo: 73.65


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