New PR & Stir Fry Recipe

I had wanted to do some core work on Wednesday, but my back felt even more stiff after sleeping so I opted for 10 solid minutes of foam rolling and stretching. I’m not sure if the muscles are sore or if I performed the move incorrectly and tweaked it.

My stomach was not craving anything for breakfast, but I cooked up scrambled eggs and eggwhites, with broccoli, 1/2c venison sausage, and 1c broccoli with pesto.

I made the fatal mistake of venturing over to my jelly bean dealers desk and took a handful.  I often cave for sweets before I eat a meal.  I didn’t feel hungry, but wanted to eat something, and the jelly beans called to me and my willpower was low.  Luckily, I only took about 20 and had no desire to get more.  Lunch was a kale salad with a leftover bleu cheese-burger, cucumber, tomatoes, and raisins topped with Tessemae’s Lemon Garlic dressing.

I skipped the afternoon tea today, and was hungry as soon as school ended.  I had a Cashew Cookie Larabar and then an apple with almond butter to fuel me for today’s WOD.

After a warm-up that left me sweating, we took 12-minutes to find out max strict press.  My previous press was 70 lbs, completed back in January.  We quickly made our way to 65lbs and I found the 2 reps were easy.  Then at 75lbs, one reps was fairly easy.  We were increasing slowly, so I tried 80lbs, which also seemed easy.  The 85lb was a struggle (I got a little stuck in the middle), but I did complete the press beating my old 1RM by 15 lbs! PR!  I tried 90lbs, but couldn’t even lift it halfway.

The WOD was a 13-minute AMRAP of 14 kb swings (16kg) and 10 box jumps.  I was hoping to use competitor weights, but there was no way I was getting the 24kg kettlebell over my head. So, I used the 16kg but jumped on a 24″ box.  I took a small drink and chalked up after every 3 rounds (it was 90 degrees here so my hands were quickly getting sweaty and no one wants to lose a kb mid-swing!) and I wouldn’t look at the clock until I had completed 8 rounds.  Unfortunately our coach called at the time when we were halfway, and at 10 minutes so I knew how much time I had left.  The kb swings were all done unbroken (I used a half swing-half snatch movement) and the box jumps were slow but steady.  I completed 9 rounds + 14 kb swings and 4 of the box jumps.  Not bad!

I had a post-WOD smoothie of pineapple, vanilla progenex, and water which somehow became foamy and doubled in quantity in the blender.  I don’t think Progenex works well in a blender, but I’m not sure why.  I made an easy dinner of vension stir fry and had a ‘grape popsicle’ for dessert.


* Dice 1/2 onion.  Heat 1 Tbs coconut oil in a pan and saute onion with 2-3 dashes of red pepper flakes
* Cut meat to desirable thickness and add to the pan.  Cook until meat is brown, stirring occasionally, and drain any excess fat/juice.   
* Add a bag of frozen stir-fry vegetables and Stir Fry sauce (I used Tastefully Simple’s Stir Fry sauce), mix and cook for 10-minutes or until heated through.
* Optional: Serve over rice or with a scoop of almond butter on top.  

#Weekly14: 5.54

#220beforeIDo: 73.775


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