Motivation Monday

The goals were written, the alarm was set and Monday morning started off in a healthy way!  I also discovered how to make a second username on instagram so all of my health/food pictures don’t go to my friends so be prepared for a lot of new photos!

I ran 2 miles (in the rain, I might add) in 18 minutes. I made a breakfast salad (2 scrambled eggs and egg whites, over spinach with tomatoes, avocado, and chicken topped with Tessemae’s Lemon Chesapeake).  Salad for breakfast was actually really good!  I also had a glass of Meta-D, Tone It Up’s metabolism boosting morning drink.

I weighed myself this morning and while I don’t want to place a lot of emphasis on the scale, I’ve been feeling a little thicker lately and the numbers on the scale have climbed a few notches over the past few months.

The meal numbers correspond with the Tone It Up meal plan which suggests eating 5 times a day.  I actually ate the almonds with leftover Cheesy Garlic and Herb Sausage and Brussels Sprouts for lunch.  I had a Larabar after work and was saving an apple before heading to Crossfit, but we had a baseball themed work meeting with a ton of snacks.  I avoided root beer and crackers jacks by having a few peanuts.

My lower back has been bothering me so I worked on some extra foam rolling and stretching and took it easy on the lifts.  The Rx was 65#, I would have wanted to do 75#, but I only did 45#.  We did a Tabata workout with Power Snatches, Sit-Ups, Push Presses, and Planks.  I actually did a Push Jerk because it felt better on my back.  My score was the lowest number of reps in a given round: 5, 10, 6.  I came home to a delicious dinner: grilled steak, baked sweet potato fries, and steamed broccoli.  Of course I wanted something after dinner so I had a handful of Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberries (which turned into 3 handfuls) and half a cup of cinnamon tea.


I was close to meeting my goal – I wish I hadn’t had the chocolate covered blueberries, but at this point they are no longer in the house which means they won’t be temping me the rest of the week.

#Weekly14: 2

#220beforeIDo: 81.3625



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