Some great (and not so great) Food

Not sore from yesterday, thanks fish oil & progenex!

Because I fell asleep so early on Wednesday, I hadn’t pre-planned a workout for Thursday morning. I got out the foam roller, laid on it, checked twitter, sat in childs pose, checked facebook, and before I knew it, it was time to start getting ready. I don’t think that counts as a morning workout. Lesson: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. I love that saying!

I had a little bit of almond butter and wanted to make sure I used it so I made some Oatmeal Minus the Oats this morning. I had an apple for a morning snack. Remember the dinner I had last night? I thought it was good and it was healthy so I shared the recipe. After eating it the cold leftovers for lunch today I will say you DEFINITELY need to make this ASAP! The leftovers were so amazing that I was disappointed when my tupperware was empty. I think the oils came together and soaked the cabbage and the meat seemed to have more flavor … AMAZING!

Afternoon snack: Larabar. I also managed to stay away from the jelly beans for a second day in a row. WIN!

Thursday is a run-day for me so I laced up and intended on getting in 3 miles. The run felt rough from the start and really didn’t get better.  I felt stiff and my legs felt heavy.  It wasn’t fast, but 3 miles is 3 miles.

Then dinner happened and it was half-epic / half-fail.  I roasted green beans and brussels sprouts with salt, pepper, and olive oil and they turned out Amazing!    I made a dijon chicken recipe from Cooking Light, but was a little grossed out by the chicken thighs.  I might try again with breasts because the flavor was good, I just didn’t love the meat.  I had some post-dinner cravings and my fiance was getting ice cream so I settled for a Chocolate Zico which took care of my cravings for only 120 calories 🙂


#Weekly14: 9.23

#220beforeIDo: 88.5925


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