Mental Toughness

This past weekend was non-stop so I am catching up from Friday!


I have no idea what I did Friday morning for a workout … anything? I was on a field trip with 200 9th graders so I made a large breakfast bowl with 2 scrambled eggs, egg whites, peppers, corn, a can of tuna, and pesto. I also had a large iced coffee with SO Delicious hazelnut creamer and 1 Stevia. I didn’t have time for a morning snack, but wasn’t hungry thanks to my breakfast. For lunch I had mixed greens with raisins, and the ‘chicken salad’ made with Thursday nights leftovers and dijon mustard. I topped the salad with Tessemae’s Lemon Garlic and had some almonds on the side.

In the afternoon I ate a Larabar and apple before going to Crossfit. We worked on deadlifts during our strength piece. I had another breakdown during the workout, but I think I’m making some headway regarding identifying what is causing it.


20 Front Rack Lunges (10 each leg) (65#)
10 SDHP (65#)

When I looked at the WOD, I thought it would be easy. After about 2 minutes, the workout was already harder than I’d imagined it would ever be. That’s when I started to freak out. My mind immediately tells me that I’m not doing as well as I should be and then I get frustrated. When I started Crossfit, everything was a challenge and I knew I wouldn’t be the best. After a few months I realized that I was actually decent at this stuff and I got higher expectations for myself. I don’t get frustrated at competitors workouts because I know I’m not the best. But I do expect myself to be the best in my weekly classes. But that isn’t a reality, in fact, that’s pretty crazy. The beautiful thing about Crossfit is that everyone is always working their ass off to succeed and do their best. Not every workout will appeal to my strengths and not every day is going to be my best workout. I’m glad that I care about my performance, but I want Crossfit to continue to be a place where I work hard, see growth, and congratulate others on their job well done. I ended the WOD with 4 rounds + 4 lunges.

Thanks goodness for a Progenex shake after the gym because once I got home I was glued to the news. I kept feeling like something was going to happen any minute and I couldn’t break away from the tv. I snacked on leftover roasted veggies, but around 8:30 my hunger won and I put together a random, but delicious meal: italian spiced chicken, ground venison, and steamed green beans topped with tomato sauce. I had a bowl of diced strawberries and almond butter for dessert.

I was able to turn down some Swedish Fish that appeared without even having one 🙂

#Weekly14: 9.48

#220beforeIDo: 88.8425


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