Tessemae’s Tuesday

The start of the bikini series was great motivation for me yesterday to eat well and move!

I started my day using a new timer on the myWOD app (advanced interval) which works just like a Gym Boss – it allows you to set two time intervals and alternate between them. I started with a tabata warm up alternating squats and plank jacks. Then I used a :40 sec ON and :20 OFF setting and did planks (center and side), sit ups, lemon squeezers, and bicycle crunches. I would have loved to do more but had to start getting ready.

Eggs have been a great way for me to get in my veggies! Today I scrambled two eggs with broccoli, pepper, and a dab of pesto along with Tone It Up’s Meta-D to get my metabolism working.  Key ingredient: apple cider vinegar!

I kept myself busy so I could skip my morning snack and make it to lunch – romaine with tuna, almonds, avocado, and raisins topped with Tessemae’s Lemon Garlic.  Sadly, it didn’t really fill me up so I had my Blueberry Larabar around 2. I had hoped to make it to the box, but I was hungry (even after my apple with almomd butter) and tired after a late night at work, neither of which are a good gym combination for me.

I promised myself I would get in some activity so after dinner I went for a walk and covered 2.43 miles. Not anything crazy, but It’s more than sitting on the couch!

Dinner was a grilled chicken breast marinated in Ginger Soy dressing with a side of veggies topped with Mrs. Dash and Tesesemae’s Zesty Ranch.

You’ve probably seen a lot of Tessemae’s on here so I thought I’d do a little blurb about it.  Tessemae’s is a local company started by the family I knew in college that makes all natural dressings that are sugar free, gluten free, and vegan.  I started using Tessemae’s during a 30-day Paleo Challenge this past January and fell in LOVE with their products.  They have a multitude of flavors for a reasonable price of $5 per bottle.  Since these are natural and oil based they solidify in the fridge, but you can either set it out a few minutes before use or keep it in a cupboard, which is what I do.  I’ve made my own dressings before and was initially surprised by the hardening of the oils in the fridge, but then I got a little grossed out that other dressings don’t do that.  It made me wonder what chemicals were in there to keep them in liquid form.  Yuk.

I use the Lemon Garlic on just about everything, it’s a refreshing but flavorful salad dressing.  The Lemon Chesapeake is great on eggs and shrimp and probably just about any type of seafood you can get!   You know we love our seafood and Old Bay in this area!  The Zesty Ranch is great on taco salads, veggies (cooked or raw), and was a great marinade for PaleOMG’s pork chops.    I’ve also tried the Italian which is the only non-oil based dressing and love the crisp flavor on salads.  It’s far better than any other Italian dressing I’ve ever had.  I recently purchased Matty’s BBQ Sauce and can’t wait to use that!  You can buy Tessemae’s in bulk and they ship anywhere.  I get mine at Whole Foods and while they started in the mid-atlantic region, they are quickly expanding.  If you follow them on twitter or facebook, they frequently are looking for new employees to help them grow their business throughout the United States.  I would definitely recommend checking out their company and trying their products if you haven’t already!

#Weekly14: 5.78

#220beforeIDo: 95.1225


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