Changes Around Here

I hope everyone had a great weekend! The highlight of my weekend, by far, was celebrating my upcoming wedding with family and friends at my bridal shower. I don’t know how, but the most special days seems to go by the fastest. I really wish I could go back and do yesterday all over again. I hope we end up with some great photos that captured the day.

In addition to everything that goes on in the month before the wedding, there are some other changes in my life which are going to make it more difficult for me to post regularly over the next month. I’m going to try to continue to post photos of my daily eats and share my workouts, but it may not be nearly as often. I check-in on instagram so feel free to follow me on there: hme_tiu. I also want to thank everyone who is currently following this little healthy journey of mine.

Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us which means I will actually be wearing a bathing suit this weekend. After some indulgent weekends, I’m not feeling as confident so I have dedicated this week to fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.

Unfortunately, I had no real craving for breakfast and ended up with a sweet breakfast scramble in an (almost) empty sunflower butter jar. I bought myself a carrot juice to get some extra veggie servings, but was disappointed when I read 100% and realized it tasted like cooked carrots. I’m not sure what I was expecting (maybe some orange flavoring to match the color?) but I hate cooked carrots so it was so miserable drink that I won’t have again.

Lunch: salad with chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes, sliced almonds, balsamic & EVOO.

Snacks: apple & larabar.

I had signed up for CrossFit, but a meeting with the venue and florist ran long so I ran 3 miles, really 3.3 with a ‘cool down’ walk).

For dinner we marinated chicken in cilantro and lime juice and grilled it. I had mine with salsa, veggies and, chicken. Really good!  Sadly, after that healthy photo was created my fiance got out a piece of cake from my bridal shower this past weekend and made me a tiny piece.  It was yummy, but definitely not on the plan!

(Last week’s – I actually exceeded my goal!! )
#Weekly14: 16.625

(This week’s totals)
#Weekly14: 3.3

#220beforeIDo: 140.905