What Happened & What’s Next

What Happened? 

Although it may have seemed like it, I didn’t actually fall off the face of the earth.  When I started the blog, I had a student intern which allowed me lots of free time to work on wedding planning and blogging, but when she left and the wedding countdown was down to less than one month, I knew I needed to use all of my free time to grade papers, get to the gym, and work on wedding details.  So, the blog ended.  I had planned on posting a few times a week, but it didn’t happen.  The wedding was this past Saturday and since this isn’t a wedding blog, I’ll spare all of the details, but it was perfect!  I have never been happier and I can’t express how we felt being surrounded by 175 of our friends and family who were all there to show their love and support for us as a married couple.

Sweetheart Table

What’s Next? 

Food: I do not plan on posting a photo of everything I eat.  I want to spend my summer trying new recipes in the kitchen and sharing the ones that are great, but I don’t plan on keeping a food diary anymore.  I am thrilled with how I looked and felt on my wedding day, but I know that I am best with moderation in my diet.

Fitness: I am still loving CrossFit, but need to make some new goals.  I am going to spend this week developing those goals and will write a post about them.  I have been increasing my mileage in preparation for the wedding and I’m not quite sure how running will fit into my new routine, but I’ll share that as well.

Posts: My posts are not going to be daily because  I’d rather focus on quality over quantity.


Thanks for reading & I hope you’ll stay tuned!


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