I am a lover of mathematics and all things health related.  I am currently single in the eyes of my accountant, but in four short months, I will wear a wedding band on my left hand.

I’m always counting:

* Serving of vegetables each day

* Number of workouts each week

* Number of miles run each week (I haven’t passed 0 with these winter temps lately)

* Number of reps/rounds in a WOD

* Number of onions needed for weekly meal prep (my max has been 8)

* Number of minutes left in a WOD (of course that requires counting backwards)

* Servings of nut butter a day (always more than it should be)

* Number of typos each day (please don’t count these)

Above all, I’m counting on my health to get me from a Ms. to a Mrs. to a new homeowner, to a Mommy, to a Grandmom, and beyond!

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