13.5 and new BBQ

I stayed at my parents on Wednesday night so I woke up bright and early to join my Mom and our neighbor on a 2 mile walk. My Moms fridge had plenty of food to make my usual breakfast: ham, scrambled eggs, and broccoli topped with some salsa. Unfortunately, addressing wedding invitations brought me quite a bit of stress so I made a few trips to ‘the treat basket.’ This basket of candy has always sat on top of our fridge and is never empty. I helped myself to a about 4 fun-size Milky Ways and Snickers throughout the day. Lunch was basically a repeat: mixed greens, tuna, hard boiled egg, and nuts, topped with evoo/red wine vinegar and an apple for ‘dessert.’

After a few more hours of addressing, I learned that I wouldn’t be able to complete Crossfit Open workout 13.5 on Friday as I had originally planned. My options were to complete it on Thursday or wait until Sunday. I wasn’t sure I wanted to wait until Sunday because I wanted to enjoy my Bridal Shower on saturday, so I figured it would have to be Thursday. My stomach immediately started turning! I ate a Larabar to try to calm myself and to hopefully wipe out the junk I had eaten for the day. I had just enough time to get home and change and make it to the 5:30 class.

4 minute AMRAP
15 Thusters (65#)
15 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

If you complete 90+ reps, you extend it to an 8 minute AMRAP
If you complete 180+ reps, you extend it to a 12 minute AMRAP (etc)

At first thought, this is only 4 minutes! I couldn’t even get changed for class in 4 minutes … I timed myself! I knew this was a sprint and to be successful, you didn’t take a minute to catch your breath – you could breathe when it was over! We did an awesome workout and before I knew it, it was my turn. The rest of the class had just finished their workout so there was a bit of an audience which was motivating and nerve-wrecking at the same time. My first set of thrusters went well and I did them unbroken in about 30 seconds. The first set of C-2-B’s went well, but I did have a no-rep. You get into a rhythm with kipping and I didn’t even realize I wasn’t going high enough. The second set of each exercise was certainly slower, but I did the thrusters unbroken. I made it back to the bar with 40 seconds left and managed to get in 8 thrusters for a total score of 68. My shoulders got tired quicker than I thought in this workout and thrusters are not my strength. I think I am happy with my score, but wonder if I could get closer to 90. Hitting 90 reps is a blessing and a curse at the same time 🙂

I rushed home and showered in enough time to go to dance class. I didn’t have time for dinner so I mixed up a shake with 1 scoop of vanilla and chocolate Progenex, almond milk, and water. We are taking a few classes so that we don’t look like idiots during our first dance. It’s actually becoming fun and a nice time to be together. We needed to grab something on the road and stopped at an amazing Barbecue place just south of the city. I had 1/2 lb turkey with a side of green beans and bacon and tried to contain myself to eating 1/4 of the piece of cornbread. I tried every type of barbecue sauce (Texas Twang, KC Classic, Bay-B-Cue) and loved them all! I ate the last two peeps before calling it a night!

#Weekly14: 12.165

#220beforeIDo: 59.855