Wednesday Success

I’m really trying to get to 200 miles before my wedding day so I made sure to wake up a little bit earlier on Wednesday to get in a 20-minute walk. I only covered 1.25 miles in that time, but it’s something!

I tried to put a twist on my breakfast this morning by making a tomato and pesto omelet (2 eggs + egg whites) served over mixed greens with Tessemae’s Italian dressing. It was really good and surprisingly filling! I also drank my meta-d and some iced coffee with one packet of stevia and dairy free hazelnut creamer.

As planned, I skipped my morning snack and lunch was worth the wait. I made the Asian slaw from last week and topped it with tuna salad (made with avocado, celery seed, and pepper) and almonds. Some diced red pepper would have been a good addition!

I think loading up on my afternoon snacks around workout time has really helped me with my energy levels! The usual: larabar and apple with almond butter. Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken! I did go a little overboard with the almond butter – oops! Would you believe I didn’t even like peanut butter as a child? Seriously! No PB&J for this girl. I ate cheese and mayonnaise sandwiches or marshmallow sandwiches. Why did my mom let me eat that? I often wonder how I will handle nutrition with my children. That’s another topic for another day!

The WOD was actually pretty easy – I feel bad saying that. I used a 75# bar which was 10# heavier than Rx and it was good. I have my first crossfit competition this weekend and a good WOD definitely makes me feel prepared although there is some HEAVY weight to lift!

I made a post-WOD smoothie with water and progenex so I’ll be ready to workout again tomorrow. Dinner was amazing. Broiled salmon topped with mustard sauce and a side of roasted veggies with Mrs. Dash.

I made sure to drink lots of water with dinner hoping it would fill me up and void any cravings for sweets. I felt full, but pulled out the raisins while making tomorrows lunch and had a few handfuls. I’m guessing it was probably between 1/3c and 1/2c. I guess there are worse things!

#Weekly14: 7.03

#220beforeIDo: 96.3725