Living Room WOD

Yesterday was the beginning of my upcoming wedding celebrations. My fiancé’s family threw a lovely bridal shower with small plates, wedding cake cookies, and wine. I enjoyed, but didn’t overindulge! I didn’t snap any photos of my plates, but wanted to share a great At-Home WOD that I did before the festivities began.  What is great about this WOD is that it’s fairly short and sweet and you can do it without any equipment.


Run .25 miles at a comfortable pace
10 Thrusters (optional: with hand weight)
10 Inchworms with 1 push up at bottom

Run/Sprint 1 mile
5 rounds of: 
10 push ups, 20 sit ups, 30 squats
Run/Sprint 1 mile

You can use a gps watch, mapmyrun, or pre-plan your route on When you return, start on the body weight exercises as quickly as possible to keep your heart rate up. When you finish that, run the same mile you ran in the beginning. Try to finish in about the same time as the first mile.

I went down the street 1/2 mile and turned right around to get back to the house in 8:05 minutes. I managed to do each set of each exercise unbroken – even the push ups! I finished that section in 9:25 minutes. I ran my final mile in 8:00 minutes for roughly a 30 minute, full body workout including transitions. I actually ran down .7 miles before turning around so I had some extra cool down time at the end.

#Weekly14: 18.545

#220beforeIDo: 66.235