13.1 Done!

I had trouble sleeping Thursday night because I kept dreaming about the Open WOD 13.1. I know a few people who completed it yesterday and their scores are running through my brain … along with the thought about whether or not I can snatch 75lbs after doing 70 burpees. I wanted to get in some mobility work this morning so I did a few yoga poses to open my shoulders and hips.

For breakfast I cooked 2 eggs and a splash of egg whites in coconut oil (it’s the best for eggs!) and then created an omelet filled with broccoli, goat cheese, and pepperoni. It looked so pretty in the pan 🙂 I topped my omelet with some avocado.

My AM snack was an apple which was shortly followed by lunch: leftover venison sausage with onions and peppers.

I carefully planned my PM snack hoping it would give me enough energy and power for the 17 min WOD I had ahead of me. I had some mixed greens with tuna and Tessemae’s and a Larabar on the way to the gym. You would think that I was about to embark on the biggest moment of my life – my stomach was filled with nerves all day! I knew once I finished the first WOD it would mentally get easier from there, but the wait leading up to it was absolutely brutal!

When I got to the box, two other people were about to complete 13.1. This gave me an opportunity to warm up with some inchworms, PVC pipe work, and rowing. My coach said that rowing is just like a snatch without the final overhead movement. I never thought about this but I hope to always connect the two in the future to continue working on my snatch form. One of the girls doing the workout is someone I try to keep up with so I was excited to watch her and get an idea of how I would do. She got through everything until the 100 lb snatch. I told my coach that my minimum was 100 and my realistic max was 150. I would really have surprised myself doing more than 150.

Soon enough my time was starting. The 40 burpees went well but I started to feel fatigued around 20 – they surprise me every time! However, I can just keep going and just string together reps while zoning out and soon enough 40 burpees were complete. I was hoping the 45 lb snatches would be easy and they were. I did 20 before I put down the bar and then quickly finished my last 10. Onto 30 burpees … I just kept a steady pace through these and was thrilled to hear my coach say 30. The 75lb snatches were my moment of truth. I’ve never attempted a 1RM on the snatche, but I had completed several WODs with the 65lb weight. I didn’t take any warm up and figured I’d have the best luck to get 75lb with the pressure on and my adrenaline pumping. My coach said my goal was to hit 5 at a time, but that didn’t happen. Luckily I had great time because I had to do one rep and step away from the bar …. For all 30 reps. But, I did them!! All 30!! I was so excited to busy out those 20 burpees because I knew I’d hit 150 reps. Anything past that was icing on the cake. I took my time and loaded up the 100lb bar and honestly have no idea where I was on time. I think I had about 2 minutes left. I made about 4 attempts to complete a lift, but the bar didn’t go past my shoulders. I knew I couldn’t get it up, so I ended with a total of 150 reps and couldn’t be happier!

Runners always boast about a runners high and I can say that it does exist, but this workout left me feeling strong and on top of the world! The Crossfit high is a good one!

As soon as I got home the suggestion was to ditch our dinner plan and go to chipotle. Fine by me! I treated myself by adding some corn on my dish – I love corn but have stayed away from it since its a grain. Chipotle never disappoints.

The night ended with two dates and a glass of chocolate Zico.

#Weekly14: 4.525

#220beforeIDo: 4.525