Weekly Workouts

As this is published, I’m taking off on a 2-week honeymoon and I’m not sure what sort of workouts I’ll be able to tackle. I’ve contacted CrossFit boxes near our destinations and I have a 20-page printout of workouts (find it here) that can be done with minimal equipment, but I realize that a desire to sleep and explore might trump a desire to workout. I will certainly be sharing any travel WODs that I do while vacationing and do some travel posts on our destinations.

For now, I’ll summarize my workouts this week.

Monday: Burpee Challenge Day 56

“Paul” – Hero WOD

5 rounds:
50 Double Unders
35 Knees-to-Elbows
20 yard Overhead Walk (125 lbs Rx)

Initially our gym posted that there was a 40-minute cap on this workout, but the earlier class didn’t take nearly that long to complete this. We were told to really push ourselves on the OH walk and since 125 is my current 1RM Push Jerk, I decided to go with 115lbs. I was pleased that my DU’s went great on all 5 rounds. Towards the end, I got tired more than anything and stopped to breathe around 35. The K2E was another story. This was hands-down the hardest part of this workout for me. I was sweating so my hands kept slipping off the bar and my abs began to scream during the later rounds. The OH walk wasn’t bad once the bar was up, but I have to admit that I was a bit nervous after I failed on my first attempt to put the bar overhead. Thankfully, I tried again, and completed all 5 walks with the 115lbs. I finished this workout in 24:49.

Tuesday: Burpee Challenge Day 57

400m run
10 Push Press (95 lbs Rx)
20 Front Squat (95 lbs)
30 Deadlift (95 lbs)
40 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (16kg Rx)
50 Barbell Thursters (35 lbs Rx)

I was sore today. My abs are feeling it, which is always a welcomed soreness. I knew if I pushed through today I had a rest day ahead of me. We worked on our strength with overhead squats before the workout began and although my balance felt off, I felt strong. We completed 3×5 warm-ups sets (35 lbs, 55 lbs, 60 lbs) and then did 1×5 @ 75% (80 lbs), 1×3 @ 85% (90 lbs), and 1×1 @ 95% (100 lbs). I knew the first 30 reps of the WOD would be the most challenging for me. The push presses weren’t as bad as I expected, but I broken them into two sets (7 and 3). The front squats were certainly tough and I broke them into 4 sets of 5 reps. After that, the weights weren’t hard, but breathing was. I kept my breaks short for the deadlifts and SDHP, but after 23 thursters, I was breathing heavy and felt like I needed a huge break. Thank goodness for good coaches! Our coach said, “This is anaerobic conditioning, your chest and lungs should be burning. The weight is not too heavy for you, just keep pushing.” Bingo. I needed to hear this to realize that she was 100% correct! I had the strength to do the movement, but was determined to take deep breaths and finish the workout. My final time was 12:44 … just slightly behind a girl that I try to keep pace with.

Wednesday: Rest Day

I’m waking up earlier than normal to try and get on a different time zone so I needed something to do at 6am so I took an hour walk and covered 3 miles. This was nothing stressful and I didn’t even break a sweat until the sun started shining. Other than that, I took a complete rest day … even from my burpees!

Thursday: Burpee Challenge Day 58 & Day 59

7 Minute AMRAP

3 One-armed KB snatch (each arm) (16kg)
3 Goblet Squats (16kg)
6 One-armed KB snatch (each arm) (16kg)
6 Goblet Squats (16kg)
… increase each round by 3 reps

This was super short! I stopped to chalk up twice, but otherwise I didn’t take any breaks. For higher reps of KB snatch I alternated arms in sets of 3. I completed the round of 12 and did 11 KB snatches on each arm towards the next round. This WOD was followed by push jerk strength work. In the MAAC competition this April I cleaned & jerked 125 pounds and while I’ve been able to clean that amount again, I haven’t been able to jerk it. So, I’m really appreciating the jerk work (note: I’m hating that I keep rhyming these words).

I did 3 sets of 5 reps for a warm-up (45 lbs, 65 lbs, 75 lbs) and then did 1×5 @ 75% (95 lbs), 1×3 @ 85% (105 lbs), and 1×1 @ 95% (120 lbs). I was happy that I got the 120 lbs up there, but I did wobble a little. I always have trouble really dropping under the bar, but with the higher weights I can’t seem to push it off my chest very much. Double whammy.

I’m really making up my own rules for this burpee challenge and one of those rules is that if you miss a day, you can keep going as long as you make it up all at once. So, I completed 58+59=117 burpees after today’s WOD. Whew!

Friday: Burpee Challenge Day 60

Wall Balls (14 lb Rx)
Cash-Out: 800m run

After a warm-up, which included 10 burpees and a ‘Fun Friday’ game of tag, we worked on our strength with the deadlift. My back felt funny this morning around my ribs – it hurt to take a full breath so I based my percentages off a 200lb lift, which is not my 1RM. We did 3×5 warm-ups sets (125 lbs each) and then 1×5 (75%), 1×3 (85%), and 1×1+ (95%). The 1+ meant to do as many as you could at that percentage.

The WOD was a good one, but definitely burned my legs pretty quickly! The first set of wall balls were so easy and I felt elated, but after the 21 burpees, the 15 wall balls were a different story and it was tough after that. I left the building a little after 5:00 for the run and felt great! I think I picked my pace up over the course of the run and was pushed by the fact that it was my last WOD with my favorite coach and teammate who will be moving to Boston while I am away. I came in at 9:25 today. I worked on a few sets of double unders and chest-to-bar pull ups after class.


I had planned to wake up super early and get in a solid walk/run, but I started feeling sick last night and decided that some extra sleep would be good for me. I still managed to walk 2.3 miles this morning. Travel days are very sedentary so I wanted to make sure I got the blood flowing.