Count It Up – Take 3 and Nutrition Analysis

I like to summarize the past week and look at successes (and those that weren’t) to motivate me to do even better this upcoming week.

WODs: 3

Cups of Coffee: 4

Days Run/walk: 4

Weekly mileage: 11.6

Non-Paleo Items: 11
(I looked for dairy, grains, and sweets.  If I had an appetizer and entrée that contained both contained one of these three items, I counted each course individually).

Total drinks: 4

Summary: I want to find time to complete 4 WODs a week.  I try to keep my coffee intake pretty low because at one point last year I felt like I couldn’t keep my eyes open without it and I don’t want to become dependent.  Coffee is usually a treat for me, not a necessity.  I’m happy that I got my highest weekly mileage yet and hope to keep it going this week!  I definitely had rough week in terms of keeping a Paleo diet.  I had quite a few dairy servings before I made my decision to ditch it and two dinners our with 3-courses at each, didn’t help much with the sweets/grains.  This is something I’d really like to improve upon this week!

Eat Paleo


Very appropriate 🙂

On another nutrition note, one of my coaches suggested that I may not be eating enough during the day which is why my WODs were so challenging last week.  He offered to take a look at 2 days of food logs and analyze them for me.  While I wasn’t sure that was the culprit, I love that sort of thing so I was elated have the opportunity to have someone assess my daily intake! I sent him my daily eats for last Wednesday and Friday and was anxious to hear his analysis because I felt like I had eaten a lot of food!  I ate between 1700-2100 calories each day with my macronutrients averaging: carbs: 150g, fat: 100g, protein: 112g.  He suggested increasing my carbs, increasing my protein to 130+ grams a day, and eat between 2300-2500 calories on days that I WOD.  He said I should keep sugary and starchy carbs around workout time which I interpret as fruits and potatoes.

This analysis encouraged me to pick up It Starts With Food again (I started reading after Christmas, but it was a hard read with all of the terminology) so I’m taking some information from there as well.  I’ve also taken a look at my Tone It Up Plan and find that all of these resources have similar suggestions in terms of nutrients and when to eat them.  I’m going to try to keep my breakfast to protein, fat, and veggies and try to avoid bananas and almond butter, which means I need some new breakfast ideas.  I’m going to move my apple to my afternoon snack and have it with some almond butter (carbs and fat) and move Larabars to a morning snack (mostly carbs). I may need to find another morning snack eventually, but my cupboard is stocked with Larabars so I’ll at least be eating them for the next week.   I’m going to have a Progenex shake after each WOD and save sweet potatoes for dinners on days that I’ve gone to Crossfit.  I’m also hoping to start using just so I can see the amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat I’m eating a day.



I’ll close with one of my favorite sayings which closed our announcements everyday in high school, “Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.”