Count It Up – Take 4

As I look at the past week, I am ecstatic about the number of miles I worked into my schedule.  I really enjoyed starting each day with some form of walking/jogging.  I am trying to talk myself into a 5am alarm each day so that I can fit in 20 minutes of leg work each day.

Considering I was home for the week, I am happy with my food choices.  I focused on real food and stayed conscious of how many times I went to the kitchen.  I had a few slip ups with the ‘treat basket’ and enjoyed a bit too many desserts over the weekend between my shower and our rehearsal dinner tasting last night.

Number of Drinks: 4.5 (slightly over my max goal)

Number of Miles: 20.545

Morning Workouts: 6

WOD’s: 4 – 3 at the box & 1 at home (And my 13.5 score was in the top 6 this week so it counted towards our Team Score for the Crossfit Open)

Apples purchased at Farmers Market: 12 (for only $5)

When I’m planning out my week, I like to search for some motivation on Pinterest.  Here are a few of the inspirational quotes that jumped out to me.  Hopefully they can guide you to a great week:

health 1

health 2

health 3

health 4

health 5

#Weekly14: 20.545

#220beforeIDo: 68.235