Last Week’s Workouts

I don’t know about you, but my summer seems so busy, yet I don’t really have much to show for it.  Everyday I have some household chores to do to get ready for a move this fall, get to the gym, and work a few odd jobs.  I’ve been pushing hard at CrossFit and have been really proud of some of the weights I’ve been lifting.  I mentioned that we moved into a new box earlier this summer and although no one has confirmed this, the Rx weights for men and women have increased on daily WODs.  At our old box, most workouts with push presses, thrusters, etc. were a 65lb Rx for women, but now everything seems to be at 95lbs. My guess is that since we weren’t allowed to drop weight at our old box (the tenants in apartments upstairs would complain and the box would get fined) the weights were kept lower.  Now that we are in our new space, they are really challenging us and it has been a significant jump, but I’m thankful for the push!

Here are last week’s workouts:

Monday: Burpee Challenge Day 49
“The Seven” – Hero WOD

7 rounds of:
7 Handstand Push-Ups
7 Thrusters (135 lbs / 95 lbs)
7 Knees-to-Elbows
7 Deadlifts (245 lbs / 165 lbs)  * Note: Our box posted that female Rx was 175 lbs for this *
7 Burpees
7 KB Swings (24 kg)
7 Pull-Ups

We capped the workout at 35 minutes.  In that time I completed 6 rounds + 2 HSPU’s.  I used 2 abmats for the HSPU’s, 85lbs for thursters, and 175lbs for deadlifts.  This was tough!  Something that helped me was that we only had to do 7 reps of an exercise before we moved onto something else so I never got bored.  The last three exercises were easier for me so I tried to do those unbroken each time to make up for the more challenging things at the beginning.  This was my first time using a 24kg KB and I finally got the kipping HSPU!  I actually managed 2 in a row.  Tough workout … good day!

Tuesday: Burpee Challenge Day 50

Cash-In: 15 Front Squats (95 lbs for women)

3 rounds:
16 Wall Balls (14 lb)
14 Jumping Lunges (7 per leg)
12 Abmat Sit-Ups

Cash-Out: 15 Front Squats (95 lbs)

I Rx’d this workout and finished in 8:15.  The front squats were harder than I expected them to be.  I decided I need to really put in some extra time working on my strength.

Wednesday: Burpee Challenge Day 51

Rest Day

Thursday: Burpee Challenge Day 52 

EMOM: 12 (For 12 minutes, Every Minute on the Minute perform the following:)
4 Burpees
3 Snatch (95 lbs for women)

I started with 85 lbs on the bar, but struggled on the first set, so I lowered it to 80 lbs.  This workout got tough in the last few rounds.  The snatch is not a strong lift for me, so I was happy to have a chance to work on it.  I had gone in early to work on my double unders and do my burpees so I skipped the strength piece that was supposed to follow this WOD.

Friday: Burpee Challenge Day 53

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Ladder

Clean & Jerk (95 lbs for women)
Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

This was a lot tougher than I expected!  I’ve done Grace (30 Clean & Jerks for time) with a 95lb bar, but was worried about doing so many of them along with the pull ups.  I used 85lbs and definitely struggled, even in the last few rounds.  In my April competition, I learned that for a successful C-2-B, your chest has to actually touch the bar.  Blame it on a small chest or what you will, but I have a hard time making my chest touch.  I can get high enough, but the pull to the chest makes this so much harder.  I need to work on my butterfly pull-ups and then transition that to c-2-b’s.  This workout took me 17:07.

Saturday: Burpee Challenge Day 54

2.5 mile run with my brother’s dog.  I was hoping to go a bit farther, but Hank had other plans.  I ran without music or a watch and it actually felt great!  Hopefully once the summer heat breaks a bit, I’ll be more motivated to get out for some more runs. I finished up with successful double under practice and my burpees.

Sunday: Burpee Challenge Day 55

I went to Open Gym, but the schedule had changed so I had some time to kill.  I did my burpees and worked on my double unders at home.  To my delight, I was consistently stringing them together and managed to get 43 of them in a row.  When I made it to Open Gym, I worked on some strength:

Push Jerk: Warm-Up 3×5, 80% 1×5, 85% 1×5, 90% 1×5
Front Squat: Warm-Up 3×5, 80% 1×5, 85% 1×5, 90% 1×5

And then I felt good on Double Unders so I pushed myself to do Annie!



Double Unders

I did most of my DU’s unbroken and finished in 7:45.  This was my first time doing Annie Rx and I couldn’t be happier!


It was a good week in the box with several PR’s.  I’m learning that I can lift more weight than I had been doing and that it isn’t supposed to be easy.  I’m also learning that I need to continue to work on my strength, even if it’s on my own time.  Finally, my double under practice is paying off and if I can put that focus into other movements (i.e. Muscle Ups), I believe I will see the same success.