Going from Good to Great

A fellow CrossFitter posted this article, How To Go From Good to Great in Crossfit, a few months ago on our facebook site and it was good enough to sit in the back of my mind for all that time. The wedding had been motivation enough to get myself consistently to the box, but I had no real goals other than feeling good on my big day. Sure, I’ve hit PR’s along the way, but I’m certainly not where I want to be yet as an athlete.

With the articles suggestion, I’ve listed what I’m good at and what I’m not so good at.



Not Good
General Technique


Toes to Bar
Pistol Squats

Not Good
Muscle Ups (Bar & Rings)
Ring Dips
Handstand Push Ups
Double Unders

With this, my goal for the summer is to focus on the gymnastic moves I can’t do right now: muscle ups (bar & rings), ring dips, handstand push-ups, and double unders. I’m taking 5 minutes every day with my jump rope to work on them. I’m doing a mix of single unders with a high jump, to get the rhythm and mixing singles/doubles until I feel the rhythm. I’m proud to say I got 11 in a row on Monday. My PR is 13 which I got sometime in November, but I’m not sure how because I haven’t been close since this week. Today didn’t go so well. I hit the same spot on my right butt cheek several times in a row and have a nasty welt that I’m glad no one will be able to see ­čÖé

I have decided to use  Thursday, usually an off day or make-up day in our box, to focus on skill work.  Since today is Thursday, I watched several videos on muscle ups last night and asked my morning coach to share a few progressions.  I spent a solid 25 minutes working on these and I think my shoulders will definitely feel it tomorrow!  The ones I did are listed below.

I’m also going to end with a question because I’m always looking for motivation, ways to improve, and new ideas!

What are your summer goals? ┬á(These don’t have to be related to fitness)
A few other goals of mine are to read a few books, change my last name and everything else that goes with it, and start cleaning the basement!