Weekend Recap & Intentions for the Week

I have gotten really bad about posting over the weekend. Things have been getting so hectic that I literally don’t have time. On a positive note, my workouts and food choices have been on point even without posting!

Here are a few highlights from this weekend:


Friday: 3.43 mile speed run (30 minutes). I used to love interval, HIIT runs on the treadmill and it’s one thing I miss about only doing CrossFit. However, when I learned the myWOD app had advanced intervals, I knew I could try to do some HIIT running outdoors. I ran to the end of the block (.6 miles) and counted that as my warm-up. Then I alternated :20 FAST with :40 jog for the next 18 minutes and then jogged the rest of the way home. I also noted that I had completed a 5K in 26:53. I have no idea what my 5K PR is, but this was probably in the top 5.

Saturday: Competitor WOD. This was probably the toughest competitor WOD we have done. We had three stations to complete and it took over an hour, with some rest times in there between stations.
1) 3 rounds of 10 split snatch (75#), 7 bar muscle ups, 300m run. * Modified chest-to-bar pull-ups 2:1 *
2) 3 rounds of 50m sled push (185#), 7 cleans (105#), 10 burpees
3) 12 mins to find Front Squat 2RM (mine was 135# and probably could have been more if this station wasn’t last)

I officially won a spot on the Regional team, but sadly, I turned it down. I am out of town 3 of the next 4 weekends (none of which can be changed) and I knew I wouldn’t make the team training. I didn’t want to disappoint my team by now showing up to the team trainings. I was feeling really down about having to say no, but I think it was the best decision for me. My only worry is that I realized that CrossFit was really holding me accountable with my food choices and I hope I don’t make more slips now that I’m not doing the competition.


I had already decided that Saturday night would be a cheat meal. We went to a new-to-us Indian restaurant in the city where I enjoyed two glasses of wine, an eggplant and tomato appetizer with naan, and Chicken Tikka Masala. I have no idea what went into the chicken dish, but I’m guessing there was a decent amount of cream. It was served with creamed spinach and white rice and I ate almost everything except half of the rice.

I went to a bridal shower on Sunday where all of the food was vegan … and surpringsly delicious! We had brussel sprouts and eggplant with tofu over quinoa, veggies with sesame carrot dip, sweet potato veggie rolls with tahini sauce, and even a vegan chocolate cake. In addition to that, I had two glasses of Proseco punch, a chocolate chip cookie, and a taste of non-vegan angel food cake. My stomach is enjoying all of that dairy today!

I also had some emotional eating once I got home. I had gotten some sad news and was ready to open a jar of icing and go to town. Luckily, I didn’t. I grabbed the pint of Arctic Zone Ice Cream and finished that. It was a situation where I knew I was going to finish it, even though I wasn’t hungry. At least it wasn’t loaded with calories, but it still doesn’t feel good.

Intentions for the Week

I want to make a weekly plan to help me stay on track. I am going on a short cruise with my Mom from Friday-Sunday so that will play into my challenges this week.

I will go to Crossfit Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
I will work out on Friday and Saturday on the cruise (I already have a Crusie WOD written!)
I will meet my goal of moving 14 miles this week
I will make healthy choices all week and enjoy two cheat meals on the cruise
I will limit my alcohol intake on the cruise and stick to wine or healthy cocktails
I will sleep in on Saturday morning

Workout Plan

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 7.56.45 AM

Since I don’t know exactly what to expect on the cruise, I might need to flip flop some of these workouts. The Cruise WOD includes 1 mile so if I still to the plan, I WILL get my 14 miles in. I’ll be posting the 8-minute ab circuit on the blog on Wednesday so look for that.

Have a great day!

#Weekly14: 10.9425

#220beforeIDo: 110.815