I had intentions of waking up on Monday morning and starting my week with a 2-mile run, but I haven’t slept past 7am in almost a month and the lack of sleep is really getting to me so I chose to sleep an extra half hour.  I promised myself that I would get those 2 miles in at some point today!   Breakfast was a mix of vegetables and scrambled eggs with Meta-D.

This is Teacher Appreciation week so goodies will be popping up all over school.  This morning we were treated to donuts and coffee.  I enjoyed the smell of the donuts, but didn’t take one … not even a munchkin!  I did take a cup of coffee and added some light cream and a packet of Stevia.  Can you believe that little bit of cream affected my stomach later??!!?

I’m  back to skipping my morning snack so I had to keep busy while waiting for lunchtime!  I ate a mix of broccoli slaw, almonds, raisins, grilled venison sausage, and Tessemae’s Lemon Garlic dressing.  It was a random yet delicious mix!

We had a long WOD today so I doubled my afternoon snack: an apple with sunflower butter and a Larabar.  I got to class about 20 minutes  early so I went out for a jog.  I ran 1.5 miles before class and felt great!  Today’s WOD was a tribute to “Colby” – a friend of one of our members who lost his life while serving our country in 2007.  The member who helped create the WOD was actually present at the beginning of my class and shared a few words about his buddy which really made me push harder during the workout.  I love CrossFit and what they do for the members of the military.  It’s nothing big, but it’s nice to recognize that the pain I feel during a HeroWOD is nothing compared to the price paid by our service members.

“Colby” – Hero WOD 

With a partner complete:
5,000lbs Clean & Jerks
100 Pull-Ups
200 Push-Ups
300 Air Squats
800m Partner Carry

1 person works at a time
45 minute cap

My partner and I used 75lbs for the clean and jerks.  I was able to do sets of 10 and she did sets of 5.  We both did sets of 10 on the pull-ups.  I did sets of 5 push-ups because I fade so fast doing Rx push-ups and my partner did sets of 10.  Towards the end, I had to do sets of 3, but I didn’t drop to my knees.  We alternated sets of 25 on the air squats and carried each other about 75m before switching.  We finished in 38:07.  I definitely earned my Progenex shake once I got home!  I mixed it with some water, chocolate zico, and almond milk. Yum!  We did a 200m run for the warm-up, the 400m partner carry, and I did an additional 1000m after class giving me a total of 2.25 miles for the day.

I grilled some chicken breast and asparagus for dinner.  The chicken was marinated in Italian dressing and the asparagus was cooked in olive oil and topped with 1 Tbs butter.  I also ate some raisins before and after dinner.

#Weekly14: 2.25

#220beforeIDo: 113.065