Listening to my Body

I figured it would happen, but I was hungry all day long on Monday. I felt like I wasn’t ever satisfied. Why? This weekend was very interesting in terms of my eating. Each day of the competition went something like this:

Breakfast around 6am or 7am (eggs, meat, & veggies)
Fruit or Larabar around 9 am
WOD at 10am
Progenex shake
Light ‘Lunch’ (tuna and carrots or beef and veggies) around noon
WOD at 1-2pm
Progenex shake
Vita Coco
Fruit or Larabar around 3pm
WOD at 5pm
Progenex shake
Nuts or anything I could get my hands on
Full dinner (veggies and meat) at 8pm

There was a ton of liquid and some small items, but no major meals considering I had three challenging workouts a day. I figured it would all catch up with me on Monday and I was right! I had originally planned on starting a Tone It Up ‘5 Day Slim Down’ on Monday, but didn’t have time to plan my Monday meals so I decided to push it back to Tuesday and fill up on Monday!

I started Monday morning with the Tone It Up Long & Lean Routine from the Beach Babe DVD. I needed this badly. I probably could have done it five times. My body is sore, but more than anything I’m just tired from not getting much sleep. We had a portion of a leftover Custom Fit Meals from the weekend (Buffalo Chicken with Spaghetti Squash and Kale) that I topped with two scrambled eggs. This was my second CFM of the weekend and I would highly recommend it if you are interested in purchasing pre-made, all natural meals. I also broke out my new bottle of Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for my Meta-D. I can’t believe how much better it tasted! The regular ACV would leave me feeling nauseous for about 10-15 minutes and this morning it went down nice and smooth.

I ate about 1c of grapes in the morning before diving into my lunch at noon. My lunch was a hodge podge of items leftover from the weekend: asparagus spears, 1 chicken sausage with tomatoes, steamed broccoli, and canned tuna with avocado. Not great, but it worked! I ate a Larabar not long after that, but still felt hungry.  My planned afternoon snack was an apple with some (unpictured) almond butter.

I had planned on doing a run or walk after work, but I actually left work a little early with nothing but a nap on my mind. I decided that getting sleep would be better for me than the exercise.  Unfortunately, when I crawled into bed, my mind would not turn off.  I gave it about 30 minutes and then realized it wasn’t worth it anymore.  Instead, I had a craving to run.  Am I crazy??  I laced up, no music, and went out for a jog on a perfect rainy spring day.  I had planned on running 1 mile and walking 1 mile to stretch my legs, but I took an impulsive turn into a local park and just went from trail to trail enjoying the weather, the grass growing, and the sights.  It was amazing and just what I needed.  I was able to think through some things without any distractions and my legs felt great so I ended up running 2.1 miles (in 20 minutes) and walked the last .5 mile home.

Dinner was a homemade paleo crab cake with on top of spinach with tomatoes, strawberries, and walnuts topped with Tessemae’s Lemon Garlic dressing.  My team had gone out to dinner on Sunday night after the competition and every was talking about their ‘cheat meal’ which was really more of a ‘reward meal’ after putting our bodies and minds through a grueling weekend.  Somehow, I wasn’t craving anything and actually wanted to feed my body healthy, nutritious food after all of its hard work.  However, that changed on Monday 🙂  I was ready for a little treat and was thrilled to see that my grocery store was finally carrying Arctic Zone ‘ice cream.’  I’d like to look into the stats a little more, but 150 calories per pint, 20 g sugar per pint, 24 g carbs per pint, and 12g protein per pint.  It’s also dairy free!

I was a little disappointed when I opened it and saw ‘chocolate’ looking ice cream and zero cookies, but I guess that’s what you get for so few calories.  The ice cream was good, but definitely no Ben & Jerry’s.  I had several small bites, but then realized that I didn’t really want it anymore (the picture on the bottom right).  I had satisfied my craving  and wasn’t hungry so I put the lid on it and put it away.  This is a major milestone for me!   In the past, I would finish something just so it was done, but I was really proud of myself for listening to my body and being in control of food.    Score!

#Weekly14: 2.60

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