My Typical Easter Plate

I love holidays. I love being with family, I love traditions, and I love the food. Our family makes traditional dishes for each holiday and it wouldn’t be the same without them!  We celebrated with one family on Saturday and one family on Sunday.  Both mornings started in a healthy way, but once we got around family I put down my camera and enjoyed the day.  I did not make healthy choices and gave into my sweet tooth in a major way, but I had planned on enjoying some indulgences and not regretting it.

We celebrated with my family on Saturday and I wanted to make sure I got in some form of a workout so I set an early alarm and threw on my sneakers. I was planning on running 2 miles and walking 1, but I felt good so I ran all three. I used the Map My Run app which was pretty accurate! I was pleased that my mile times decreased over the course of the run: 9:16, 9:06, and 9:01. I had been craving a sweet breakfast and figured the best time to have carbs/fruit was after a run so I made some OMG Pancakes topped with almond butter and strawberries and a much-needed coffee.

The Easter baskets came out early!  My Mom always gets us some real things (flip flops, pens, gift cards etc) so it’s not all candy, but she made sure to include my favorites: Peeps and Starburst Jelly Beans. We went to a local Peep Show (no, not that kind) and I was amazed at all of the things people could make out of peeps! We ended up going to the wrong way so we had to do a little extra walking to get there – check!

My Easter dinner plate (which is really between lunch and dinner) consisted of ham, creamed corn, celery salad, stewed tomatoes, and homemade macaroni-n-cheese and a few glasses of wine. Since we celebrated on Saturday, we all went to a movie before enjoying dessert. Normally I can skip dessert because I’m full from dinner, but the three-hour break meant I dove right into some angel food cake topped with strawberries, whipped cream, and vanilla ice cream. I also had a homemade sugar cookie with icing.

We spent Sunday with my fiance’s family, but again, I wanted to get in some exercise so we made coffee and went out for a 3.2 mile walk along the water. I had another healthy breakfast: eggs, 1/2 chicken breast, and celery salad topped with a scoop of jalapeno jam. That was the last of the jam so it won’t be making its way into meals anymore. I was hungry after church so I ate an apple and a cherry Larabar. We also enjoyed some snacks while waiting for dinner: Cadberry Mini Eggs, pretzel crisps with alouette, and a few more jelly beans. My dinner plate had ham, asparagus, amazing cheesy hash brown potatoes topped with corn flakes, celery salad, and a side salad with onions, craisins, walnuts, and orange slices. After a nap, we dug into dessert: mini cheesecakes topped with fruit, whipped cream, and vanilla ice cream.

After a long two days, I still managed to eat more than my share of jelly beans once I got home.

Overall, I’m very proud of my workouts for the week, but not so proud of my overindulgence.  It’s one thing to enjoy a few treats on a holiday, but another to eat so much of something that it makes you feel sick.  I think I need to change my words because they are becoming my actions.  I’ll say things such as “sweets are my downfall”  … “I’ll eat ______ until my stomach hurts” … “I have no off switch with candy.”  Because I say those things, I believe them about myself and I make those things actually happen.  If I can change what I believe about myself and change what I say, then I think I’ll also change the way I act around these type of foods.  For example, I got two boxes of Peeps and I really do like them.  I’d like to be able to keep them, eat them over time, and enjoy them.  I don’t want to have to throw them out because I can’t handle having them in the house.



“I can eat a serving of ____ and be satisfied.”

“I can say no to candy.”

“I have control over food.”


I’ll be repeating those things all day.  I can do this!  😉

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#220beforeIDo: 47.69