Dinner Date

Before I went to bed on Wednesday I checked to see what the Crossfit Open 13.3 WOD was …

AMRAP: 12 mins

150 Wall Balls
90 Double Unders
30 Muscles Ups

I knew that I wanted to take some time to rest my mind and my body so on Thursday morning I popped in the Tone It Up DVD and did the Long & Lean Routine. I love waking up with that! The stretches are great and the music is so calming!

Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 12.48.11 PM

I remembered a box of Applegate Farms Chicken Apple Sausages in the freezer so I decided to cook two and eat them with 2 scrambled eggs, broccoli, and avocado for breakfast. I topped my dish with 1 Tbs of Tessemae’s Lemon Chesapeake. I also mixed a 6ox can of pineapple juice with some Apple Cider Vinegar for an early morning boost. I’ve read about the benefits of ACV, but have also heard that they only come from Organic ACV. I need to finish this bottle before I buy a new one, so I figured I’d make the drink and hope that some of the ACV ‘Powers’ worked 🙂

After my daily morning apple, I enjoyed the last bit of the kale salad (about 1/2 a previous serving) with about half a serving of Wednesday nights dinner. It was just as good as reheated as leftovers!

I’ve been trying to use Thursdays as a run day, but today was especially necessary after my rough week at Crossfit. I got home late, it was a chilly 38 degrees, I didn’t have much time, I was hungry … I came up with a lot of excuses, but in the end, I laced up and went out for a loop around the park. I ran 3 miles in 28 mins and walked the last .15 home.  You never regret a workout!

Earlier in the day I realized I hadn’t thawed any meat for dinner so we took advantage of the opportunity to use a groupon for a local restaurant. The restaurant happens to be the location of our rehearsal dinner which happened to be exactly three months from last night. Wedding planning was getting a little stressful so it was perfect timing!

I didn’t take any pictures at dinner, but I started with a glass of red wine and we split a small plate of Carolina Gumbo that came with the deal. I had the grilled salmon for my meal which came with goat cheese orzo and a few asparagus spears. I tried to avoid the orzo and then only have a few bites, but I ate almost half which was a success considering how awesome it was. I also ordered a side of haricot verts – my favorite! Dessert came with dinner so we split a Heath Bar Chocolate Mousse. It was served in a martini glass so it was the perfect size to split.

While I went a bit off track with my food intake, it was great to let go of all of my stresses for a bit. I think a lot about what I eat and how I should be treating my body and I feel a lot of guilt when I make poor choices to the point where i feel like I’m consumed by it all. Sometimes a ‘cheat meal’ or stray helps you to refocus and gear up for the great days ahead.  Cheers to that!

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