Motivation Monday

I know several people do Motivational Monday posts, but you know, I need them!!  Do you remember when I talked about my diet and my ‘post-wedding’ approach to food?  Remember when I said that moderation didn’t seem to work for me and before I knew it, I’d be eating junk 24/7?  Well, at least I know myself!  We spent the weekend out of town and I’ll just summarize to say that I had three desserts yesterday.  No bueno for the physique or my energy levels.

So, I’ve scoured my beloved pinterest for photos that are inspiring me to make this a better week.  I’ve included sources for each photo so that I am a law-abiding citizen of the internet 🙂  Want more than just photos?  Here are a few links that might inspire you for the month of July…

Sophie Howl is a new role model for me.  She is a wife, a mother, a blogger, a Tone It Up girl, and now an amazing CrossFitter.  She is posting a July challenge and based on her resume, I think it might be right up my alley!

The summer often means fruity cocktails at plenty of outdoor celebrations.  If this is a major calorie downfall for you, you might want to sign up for Dry July.  Not only are you helping your waistline and your liver, you can raise money for a great cause!

No personal trainer?  Bess Harrington of posts a monthly workout calendar that you can follow along with.  She’ll post workouts every Friday during the month, too!




Kipton is nice eye candy as well



I couldn’t find a direct link on this one 😦







What motivates you?