Sibling PR’s

Tuesday was a whirlwind! I woke up and squeezed in a 2 mile walk and Oatmeal (Minus the Oats) in a Jar before running a ton of errands. I didn’t bring a snack, but had to make a stop at home so I picked up an apple. A few things came up and I barely made it home to meet my sister and make it to the 1:00 Crossfit class. I hadn’t really eaten lunch so I scarfed down a Larabar on the way to the gym. My sister lives out of state, but started crossfit the same time I did. She is a beast in the gym and it’s so fun to have someone to share your highs and lows with who truly understands exactly how you feel. She recently got an unassisted pull up so I was psyched to see her do that in person! ¬†We rowed/ran 900m in the warm-up and worked on hollow rocks.


30 reps of each
GHD Sit-Ups
GHD Back Extensions
Push Ups (I did HR)
Pull Ups
Overhead Plate Lunges (25#)

We had to go in two heats and I requested to go in the second heat so I would possibly finish last. I want to make myself realize that it’s OK if you are the last one finished because that means you finished! Unfortunately, my plan didn’t work because I held a really good pace and finished in 6:55. After the WOD we had 10 minutes to find our 1RM. Coincidentally, my previous max was the same as my sisters, 155. We figure we would load the bar and then count after we finished. We started with 8 reps at 85#, 2 reps at 115#, 2 reps at 135# and both easily managed 2 reps at 155#. We moved to 1 rep at 165# and both successfully got 1 rep at 175#. New PR!! I’m not sure my squat was low enough so I tried again and needed some help getting it to the top on the second one, but I guess that’s why they call if a ONE rep max.

We had some wedding errands to run in the afternoon so I made a quick shake with 3 strawberries, chocolate Progenex, and almond milk. However, since I never ate an ‘official’ lunch, I wasn’t satisfied at all. When we came home from the store I ate some nuts/raisins and leftover brussels sprouts.

Finally, dinner rolled around and I have to say, it was a good one! I made crab cakes (using Old Bay seasoning, 1 egg, and dijon mustard) and pan fried them in coconut oil served alongside a garden salad with Tessemae’s Lemon Garlic and oven roasted asparagus topped with a butter/pesto mix.

The Peeps made an appearance … twice. Unfortunately I felt really hungry before bed so I took some leftover trail mix and topped it with almond milk for some cereal. Lesson of the day: Make meals happen. Grazing doesn’t work well for me.

#Weekly14: 6.6525

#220beforeIDo: 54.3425