Morning Workouts & a New PR

As usual, I was exhausted by Wednesday. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’ve had some busy weekends and haven’t had a chance to catch up on my sleep, but waking up at 5am will get to you!  I slept an extra 15 minutes yesterday morning, but still planned on getting outside for a short run. I ran 1.13 miles in 11 minutes … I told you it would be short!  My legs felt really tight and I started thinking about how much I used to foam roll when I started CrossFit and now I hardly ever do it since my muscles have gotten stronger and aren’t nearly as soon as when I started.  I think a stretching routine is on it’s way in my life!  I was craving a pancake and found a new recipe that turned out great! I used egg whites (probably more than 3) and omitted the vanilla extract and they were awesome. I topped them with sunflower butter and strawberries. Strawberries have been so sweet lately!

I ate my carrots before lunch. The salad combination was great today: mixed greens, slivered almonds, asparagus, raisins, and a crab cake.

A lot of health tips recommend getting your workout in first thing in the morning so that nothing will get in your way later on in the day.  This is probably the one thing I wish I could change about my daily schedule – it’s just so hard for me to get up at 4:30am and get in a good workout.  I was excited yesterday because I had a few pockets of down time so I was going to get in mini-1 mile runs.  I was going to do one after-school, but a meeting ran long.  I was going to do one before CrossFit, but traffic was a bear and it took almost twice the amount of time it normally does to get to class.  Unfortunately, the 1 mile in the morning was all I got yesterday with the exception of 600m for our warm-up in class.

We did the WOD first and I was happy that I did do 100 Double-Unders – I even strung together 6 in a row!  My max is 13 and I’m not sure how that happened, but I can’t seem to get close lately.  One day I WILL be able to do Double-Unders!  I decided to stick with singles for the cash-out portion. I did my jump ropes outside on the sidewalk and got strangle looks from people passing by.  We worked up to a new Deadlift 1RM after the WOD.  My previous 1RM of 225lbs had been busted at the MAAC challenge when I had to perform 15 of them … and did!  I was excited to get a new max and was hoping for 250lbs.  We worked our way up to a challenging 245lbs and I did that.  When I expressed to my group that I was hoping for 250lbs they insisted that I put on the extra weight and do it.  I’m glad I did because somehow 250lbs sounds much more fun than 245lbs.  My next goal is to deadlift twice my weight.  I’m not too far off so I think it’ll happen next time.  I did have a few people tell me that my form isn’t great, Womp Womp.  Deadlift form should be perfect because anything else will lead to injury city!  I need to work on being ‘tight on the bar’ as I start the lift.

By the time I got home it was almost 8pm so I roasted some brussels sprouts and salmon in the oven.  I also mixed some chocolate Zico, water, and Progenex together to aid muscle recovery.  I was hoping to go to bed early, but I was sucked in by Bravo TV and stayed up until almost 10:30!  Luckily some sleep is on the horizon!

#Weekly14: 5.665

#220beforeIDo: 126.645