Eating Habits

Morning workout: Walked 1.01 miles.

I was craving a big breakfast: 2 eggs, egg whites, sausage, veggies (broccoli and asparagus) with Matty’s BBQ.

I made an emergency stop for gas at Royal Farms and decided that I needed coffee this morning. Luckily I brought my own mug with my own creamer and Stevia 😉 I was the only girl in the gas station among about 10 men all getting their caffeine fix.

Another day of sweet treats for Teacher Appreciation. I avoided ALL of that which is a feat considering I LOVE icing and Milky Ways are my favorites.

I made sure to enjoy my lunch (mixed greens, tuna, carrots, Brussels, almonds, and raisins) and it left me feeling satisfied! After school I ate some raw veggies so I wouldn’t be tempted to walk down to the cake table.

Before going to CrossFit, I ate a larabar and an apple with sunflower butter. While I really enjoy these snacks and I’ve had enough energy at class, I’m almost feeling like I’m either eating too much before a WOD or too close to the WOD. I might test things out next week.

Our box is participating in the Under Armour What’s Beautiful team challenge and we decided to test ourselves on a benchmark WOD and do it again after the 8 weeks. I’ve said it before, but CrossFit is an amazing sport to see your progress!

Helen: 3 rounds of 400m run, 21 kb swings (16kg), 12 pull ups.

I Rx’ed the workout with a finishing time of 11:22. I’m very happy with this! I probably could have ran faster but all of movements were unbroken. We ran 600m in our warm up, so I’m adding that to my totals as well!

Dinner was the best – easy and delicious! The fiancĂ© suggested chicken quesadillas and I immediately was thinking about how I could paleofy this dish that is centered around a wrap and cheese. We chopped 4 peppers and one onion and sautĂ©ed them while the chicken was on the grill. When it was all cooked, I threw it together with some tomatillo sauce and avocado. Awesome!

Gina, also known as, the Fitnessista, had a great post today on eating habits. Between her article and a conversation with a friend last night, I think I’m going to need to do some reflection on my own habits. (This is a little bit of a ‘think out loud’ paragraph here so I apologize for any rambling). I’ve made a lot of positive changes in my diet within the past few months. I’ve added more vegetables to my diet and broken the habit of eating something sweet after dinner every night. I’m consistently getting in some movement twice a day, and have really ramped it up in CrossFit. Those are all positive things. Now, the negatives: these ‘healthy habits’ are always on my mind … sometimes probably too much. I’ve cut out beans, dairy (95% of the time), and grains from my diet. If I go to a party at someones house, I’ll choose the foods that most align with my current diet (using the word diet here as in the foods I consume, NOT a method for weight loss). If someone offered me a sandwich, I’d eat it without the bread and hope there wasn’t any mayonnaise on it. If my fiance asked to go to Five Guys, I’d say No. I’d opt for Panera instead which has better choices. If I had to skip workouts multiple times a week I would feel awful. But is it because my body likes working out, working out gives me energy, or because I’d worry I’m going to gain weight. Right now I am concerned about looking my best on my wedding day … what bride-to-be isn’t? A friend and I were talking about an article on Orthorexia and while I can’t imagine myself ever being bulimic or anorexic, this is something that I could easily see happening. I’ve said it before, but it’s always good to step back and evaluate … whether it is your job, your relationship, your routine, your happiness, etc. reflection is a good thing! I want to keep am eye on things and see if anything changes after the wedding.

I’m leaving today to go on the Inaugural Sailing of the Norwegian Breakway so I’ll have a post with some photos, my travel workouts, and a review of the ship.

#Weekly14: 6.235

#220beforeIDo: 117.05