Count It Up – Norwegian Breakaway Edition

I love to travel! Growing up, my parents felt it was more important for us to have experiences and memories rather than things. We didn’t often go out to dinner, we didn’t spend a lot of money on clothes, I didn’t have the newest items, but we went on two week-long vacations a year. When I was in high school, my Mom became a part-time travel agent (in addition to her full-time day care program) and she opened her own business when I left for college. Her job has a lot of perks! One of those was being able to experience all the Norwegian Breakaway had to offer before its first 7-day sailing. Luckily, none of her agents were able to attend so I was able to go and enjoy the ship with her. I will try to note the positive and negative aspects of the ship, but there were very few negatives! I loved it, I wish I had more time there, and I would recommend it to anyone!

We boarded the ship on Friday at 11am and sailed out of NYC at 4pm. We were able to see the NYC skyline and the Statue of Liberty from the ship. We sailed south-east for a day and then turned around to go back to port. We arrived back in NYC on at midnight on Saturday (technically Sunday morning) and were able to see the city at night. We disembarked at 9am on Sunday.


Rooms visited: 17. This ship has a multitude of stateroom options! There are rooms for adult singles, couples with an average budget, couples looking for an elite experience, families looking with a high-end budget, families with an average budget, and more! I would definitely book with a travel agent to get the right stateroom for you and your desired experience.

Some pictures of luxury suites.

Bars visited: 7. The ship advertises 10 bars and lounges, but it felt like there were more when you count bars inside restaurants and entertainment venues. The decor perfectly communicates the vibe of each bar and gives it a completely different feel so there will be a place that matches your taste. For a more sophisticated experience, try Maltings Beer & Whisky Bar with plaid couches and leather armchairs. This is fittingly adjacent to the Cigar Bar. Venture outside of Maltings and enjoy a view of the water and barrels that serve as table tops. If you head to Spice H2O (an outdoor venue on the back of the ship) you will feel like you are in a rooftop Manhattan bar. There are wicker chairs, water features, a huge screen for dance parties, and wood floors.

Shaker’s Martini Bar

Shows Viewed: 5. We were able to see Rock of Ages (a broadway show about “the glory days of rock ‘n’ roll” that makes you want to sing out loud and stand up and dance) , The Second City (a comedy troupe where many SNL stars got their start), Howl at the Moon (a dueling piano bar playing anything you can think of), Fat Cats (a Jazz & Blues club featuring Slam Allen), and Burn the Floor (a spicy series of ballroom dances). We spent our evenings at the entertainment so we saw almost everything, but there was also a Cirque Dreams show available. If you aren’t interested in shows, there was a packed casino, plenty of shops, and bars/clubs open.

The set of Rock of Ages.

Time spent in our cabin: Less than 16 hours – this includes sleeping. We wanted to experience everything about the ship so we stayed up late and woke up early. Even after two full days on the ship (remember, we didn’t go to any ports), I still wanted an extra day because I felt like there were some things I hadn’t had a chance to do. I think it’s impossible to be bored on this ship!

Kids Only Areas: at least 4. If you have children, their schedule may be busier than yours in the Splash Academy (for younger children) or Entourage (the teen center). Each program is broken up into smaller groups by ages so that kids can engage in educational and fun activities all day long. Teens can learn to spin records, play games, and dance the night away with their friends. If you don’t have children, you won’t be tripping over children or listening to yelling/crying all day because the kids have their own things to do. It’s a win-win.

Number of Rooms in the Fitness Center: 5. There is a room used for group classes, a room used for cycle classes, a cardio room, an area with weight machines and free weights, and a room used for TRX/Kickboxing classes or private training. We got in a great workout on board with the top equipment! There were at least 25 cardio machines that overlooked the sea so we never had to wait.

Number of Restaurants: 16. If you look online the ship boasts 27 dining options and while this is true, there aren’t that many places I would call a ‘restaurant.’ This count does not include room service, the 24/7 Pizza shop, or the Sabrett’s hot dog cart. Six of these restaurants are complimentary and range from pub food, buffet style, or sit down with a detailed menu with several options per night. There are 8 restaurants that are considered ‘specialty’ and guests are required to pay a flat fee for these, however, once inside you can enjoy a multi-course meal. There are 2 locations to enjoy special desserts. Some of these specialty options are worth the fee, but the food in the complimentary dining rooms are more than adequate. The buffet did not always have signs posted for food items, but chefs were more than happy to provide information and accommodate for special diets.


Number of times I opened the App: Too many to count!  The app provided a map for each deck, a daily schedule, restaurant descriptions, and more!  It was very helpful and worked on Airplane Mode.

Celebrities on Board: 2 (that I knew): Buddy Valastro (star of TLC’s Cake Boss) and Geoffrey Zakarian (Iron Chef restauranteur). Just because you will be on different sailings, you can still enjoy both of these celebrities by visiting their specialty restaurant. Carlos’ Bakery and Ocean Blue are both on Deck 8 for your enjoyment.

Number of things still on my “To Do” list: 9. I would have loved to see Cirque Dreams, had a drink in the Ice Bar, done the ropes course, played Putt-Putt, climbed the rock wall, taken an exercise class with the Rockettes, eaten at Savor restaurant, eaten at Moderna Churrascaria restaurant, and played $20 in the casino.


Some food/fitness related items:

Desserts ordered: 0

Miles Run: 2.68

Steps taken on the ship: 30,000+

Drinks: Didn’t count, but at least 12.

Paleo Meals: 4 (out of 5)