Groundhogs Day WOD

The weather around here is supposed to be pretty crummy all week so although my workout plan had me doing a 1.5 mile walk this morning, I made a Rainy Day Workout just in case Mother Nature said otherwise. Luckily I woke up to dry sidewalk, but I’m going to save the workout because tomorrow doesn’t look good either. I used the myWOD app advanced interval timer set with 1:00 (walk) and :30 (jog). I was able to go 1.8 miles in 21 minutes. I used the MapMyRun App and sadly, it was a little high on the mileage. I went on and it seems the app was accurate up to the 1 mile mark, but somehow estimated an additional 0.2 mile so I’m updated my mileage appropriately.

This morning’s breakfast was awesome because it included one of my favorite products: Tessemae’s! A while back I saw ‘Matty’s BBQ’ at Whole Foods and knew I had to buy it. Ketchup contains sugar and sometimes you just need a sauce. My bowl of eggs, veggies, and sausage were a great opportunity to try the BBQ and it did not disappoint! I tried not to use too much of it, but love the tang to it.

Remember how I said this week was Teacher Appreciation Week? The administration came around first thing this morning with a cart of juices, snacks, and candy for the teachers to enjoy. Unfortunately, there was nothing I would consider even a little bit healthy. Sorry (not sorry), but Entenmann’s products do not pass for real or healthy food.

Lunch was a mixed greens salad topped with Tessemae’s and leftover ground beef with squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and topped with 1/2 wedge of Laughing Cow Herb cheese.  I was craving something sweet after lunch so I had a 1/2 Tbs of sunflower butter.  My usual pre-CrossFit afternoon snack was a Larabar and an apple with sunflower butter.

Class was tough today, but I’m happy that I kept my head and stayed in the workout.  I’d like to call this workout, “Groundhogs Day WOD.”  We had a set of exercises and we performed them in a 3 min AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible) then took a 1 minute rest, then performed these same exercises in a 5 min AMRAP, then took a 1 minute rest, and them worked through the entire set of exercises for time.  When you first see 3 minutes, 5 minutes, rest in between –  you think, no big deal!  However, that minute rest went by so fast and before you knew it you had done 105 wall balls and 90 push ups … at least!

Round 1 (3 min): I made it through 35 unbroken wall balls, 30 Hands Release Push-Ups, and 4 thrusters.  Thrusters are always tough for me, but after working my shoulders on the first 65 reps, I was extra tired.  I broke them up into sets of 2 and didn’t get very far before time ran out.  My pace definitely slowed for the Round 2 (5 min).  I did my wall balls in sets of 20 and 15 and then worked through the HR push-ups.  I did my thrusters in sets of 3 or 4 and made it through a total of 13.  For the last round (finish all the way through) I did the wall balls in sets of 20, 10, and 5, the HR Push-Ups in sets of 12, 10, 8, and thrusters in sets of 4.  I knew once I finished the thrusters, I would be fine.  However, the burpees were more difficult than usual because my arms were exhausted.  I finished the entire workout at 21:17 which meant my full round took 11:17.  We did some static stretching after class.

My arms were shaking as I was driving home so I made sure to refuel with some Progenex.  I’ve been mixing it with 1/2 water, 1/2 chocolate Zico and it’s making it really creamy and delicious!  Wednesday nights are my night home alone so I enjoy the chance to make some seafood since my fiance doesn’t really like seafood.  Unfortunately, the salmon I got this week was pretty bad … to the point where I almost didn’t finish it.  It was a Waterfront Bistro brand (mistake #1) that was described as being ‘applewood smoked ‘ (mistake #2).  Before I noticed the flavoring I added some garlic sea salt on top (mistake #3).  The salmon had a foul flavor and it was so salty that I was chugging water all night long.  Luckily, the mustard baked brussels sprouts were amazing.  I treated myself with more Chocolate Zico after finishing the salmon.

#Weekly14: 4.1

#220beforeIDo: 114.915