Flu: Food & Drink

Wow, the flu was not on my agenda this week!


The morning consisted of a Sweet Breakfast Scramble (another one of Tina’s genius recipes) made with pumpkin, water, tea, a movie, and an apple.

I also enjoyed some eggs for lunch, literally 3 pieces of celery with almond butter, a zone bar, and a small serving of sausage and peppers.  I had zero movement for the day.


Tuesday was a rough day.  I was pretty uninterested in food, but did make sure to get in plenty of liquids.

Breakfast was Oatmeal Minus the Oats.  I had an apple around noon, but didn’t finish it.  You know that I’m sick when I don’t eat an apple to its core!  After spending about 3 hours at appointments I had a serious fever and was almost sick to my stomach because I hadn’t eaten all day.  At around 7pm, I had an old comfort food: about 1/  rice with butter and brown sugar.  It was good and eased my stomach pain.  That’s honestly all I ate for the day!   Yikes!

I’m hoping a few doses of medicine will get me back to normal!  Fingers crossed.