Bikini Series 2013

Aaah – The Bikini Series is here!  

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I have mentioned this before, but I stumbled upon Tone It Up last year during their Bikini Series through a few blogs that I read and immediately loved everything about it!  The creators, Karena and Katrina, support eating real unprocessed foods and who can argue with that?!  They also post numerous workouts, videos, and recipes to social media sites which makes it so easy to follow.  There is also an incredible community where women support each other, motivate each other, and encourage each other to reach their goals towards living a healthy lifestyle.  The Bikini Series is an 8-week program with weekly and daily routines and tips to get you ready for summer.  For me, the 8-weeks will end of my wedding day and I welcome any additional challenges that will help me feel my best on the big day.

The Series begins with goal setting and while I’ve set goals on here in the past, it’s always important to revisit your goals and modify them.

TIU BIkini Series Goals

1. Exercise 6 days a week with 1 active rest day = 7 days of movement a week
2. Run, walk, or row a total of 14 miles a week so I can go 200 miles by my wedding day
3. Maximum of 4 alcoholic drinks per week … no beer
4. Meta-D every morning
5. No processed foods.  If I’m craving a sweet, make a mug cake, smoothie, or have some almonds or fruit with peanut butter.
6. Smart choices eating out: Skip the sauces, cheese, fried food, and bread basket

While these might seem a little extreme, it’s only for two months.  After the wedding I’d like to reintroduce whole wheat grains into my diet, but if I can go without them now, I’m going to go without them.  I’ll be eating salads and vegetables instead of grain which is better for me as it is.  The one exception to this rule will be quinoa.

Other Bikini Series hallmarks include drinking half your body weight in water and getting up 30 minutes early at least 4 days a week to workout (cardio, weights, walking, whatever!).

Check it out and sign up today!