Travel Workouts

Just a quick check-in! I am having a busy weekend filled with wedding celebrations. We are having my second bridal shower and I’m staying at my Moms to do some wedding tasks, but I wanted to share a few workouts. I started my Saturday with CrossFit at my local box. We always do team workouts on Saturdays and I loved it! We were in teams of 3 and had to complete a total of 150 burpees, 150 sit-ups, 150 KB swings, 150 HR push-ups with variance thrown in. To quote our coach, “Variance is whatever I want whenever I want for as long as I want.” Basically, he would call out a skill and we had to do it regardless of where we were in the workout. We had to do a 1 min plank, a 400m run, 30 air squats, a 200m run, and 30 lunges. Our team finished in 18:12. In addition to a 400m warm-up, I also did a 600m run after class so I could complete a mile. I’m almost at my goal for this week!!

Onto some travel stuff: I had made a weekly workout plan last week and prepared a few workouts to do on the cruise ship, but the sunshine was calling my name and things didn’t go exactly as planned. Even though I only did one of these, I wanted to post my workouts so that you can take advantage of them.

This is the workout that I actually did on the ship. The multiple rooms in the Norwegian Breakaway Fitness Center had free weights and bars so I used a combination of those during the strength circuits. The weights shown are the weights that I used, but this can easily be modified. My Mom actually did this workout with me and modified by using a 20lb bar, 5-7.5 lb hand weights, push ups on her knees, and plank hold instead of sit-ups. She walked during the 5 minute treadmill portion while I ran anywhere from 6.3-8.5mph.

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 7.33.20 AM

I had hoped to try the Bikini Cardio from Tone It Up’s Bikini Series on the treadmills, but decided I’d rather sit by the pool Friday instead of going to the gym.

My plan had been:

Warm-Up Pace: 6.3

Round 1 x9
2 minutes: 8.0
1 min: 7.0

Round 2 x5
1 minute: 9.0
1 minute: 6.5

Cool Down Pace: 6.0

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at 9.19.48 AM

I wasn’t sure what equipment the gym would have, but I created a ‘Chipper WOD’ (do each exercise once, the sets get faster as the workout goes on) just in case. I packed my own jump rope, but didn’t get to try this one. As it was, I would have been able to do everything except the box jumps. Note: KB swings can be done with a heavy hand weight.

Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 9.06.27 AM

#Weekly14: 13.945

#220beforeIDo: 134.925